We're all in the mood for a melody

Hey! I can be with it too, I’m one hep cat!

Come to Neverland!

ETA: I always plug in some Motorpsycho in this kind of threads, because they are one of my favorite bands. So far. nobody has taken the bite. Though we have a poster called @psychonaut which is the moniker for the fan crowd of Motorpsycho, and I’ve always wondered if she/he is a fan.

Guess what everybody!:

Melody for the roughest place in town…

Great cover by Stevie Ray Vaughan:

You want rough? Stay out of the LA Public Library is you are a…

Something Sunday Morning about this song:

Sunday morning, y’all!

For a sunny Sunday morning (with just a hint of ash in the air)

I’d never heard of the band before reading your post. I listened to the song you embedded and I must say it’s pretty good—sounds a bit like a mash-up of the Zombies and Captain Beyond.

I would have assumed a psychadelic drugs or Fields of the Nephilim fan, myself.

El Chicano - “Tell Her She’s Lovely” (1973)

Back in the day, what a treat it was when this came on the car radio…

Hey, I’m glad you liked it! Maybe I turned @psychonaut into a real psychonaut, so here’s a song just for you: :grin:

Karen Gillan, Pee-Wee Herman, and a band that should have been much better known.

This has been in my head for days now. A great old tune that you don’t hear too often.

The freaks come out at nine
And it’s twenty to ten