We're all in the mood for a melody

Time to “blow up a storm, Fishermen!”

Bet you’re posin’ hard

that is one of my favorite songs … especially the video …

Sunday afternoon, y’all!

(for those who don’t know or who haven’t caught on, Stavesacre is expressly a Christian rock band)

When someone tries to get you to spend precious Sunday hours…a little country tonic.

Game Of Thrones was a gigantic pop culture success. Rightly so. One of the best parts was the score by Ramin Djawadi. This is not a catchy melody but a masterwork of music fitting the action in a movie or television production. This link does not contain any spoilers so you don’t get the full impact of how the music fits the story.

But… as per the OP, I think everybody should give it a listen.


Speaking of sleepwalkers…

Tuesday morning, y’all!

Good Wednesday

A song about margarine.

these are both the same song but the animation helps out with the humor

here’s the original

Adele does not disappoint with her new song.