Were there any weird or stupid things that were fads specific to your school/area growing up?

when i was in 5th grade a bunch of kids kept the outside paper wraper of the “plenTy packs” of wrigly gum and wrote numbers on them like money and we used them like chips for casino-style card games at recesses

when that was discovered we raided a bunch of old beat up board games of the play money and dice and played a version of craps and used the spinners as roulette wheels … the funny thing was when we played blackjack the teachers didn’t mind much as it was using math skills … but I was disqualified because apparently ms willowzcwitz (yeah that’s horribly mangled)went to UNLV and was a card dealer at various places during her stay there and noticed I was card counting which I didn’t know was a thing … she said "the kid who can’t remember his address or phone number most days is a budding card mechanic "

We had something very similar at a summer camp I went to, except it was a call and response chant rather than a song. The camp counselor would say one phrase and then we would all repeat it back, then we would successively add additional phrases to the beginning which we would repeat back after each addition.

Counselor: Watatanchu
Us: Watatanchu

Counselor: Bebop Skedeebop Watatanchu
Us: Bebop Skedeebop Watatanchu

…(more phrases added successively)

Counselor: Beepskiddlyeeton botten boatdkiddily oceantoshen Bebop Skedeebop Watatanchu


Unfortuately I don’t remember the complete list of phrases other than the last couple, but they do sound similar to the ones carps included so they are probably related.

Yeah, seems like this is common to some original ur chant that was gradually modified as it moved around.

If you knew the right people at my high school, you could get invited to the crap games that occasionally occurred in the boys’ restroom. Just nickel-and-dime-and quarter stuff, but real money nonetheless.

At the high-school cafeteria, the cool thing to have for lunch was pizza and a chocolate shake. I think those rectangular pizzas have been discussed here before.

The “sausage” was blobs of some kind of paste applied with a piping bag or maybe a caulking gun (before baking). Now that I think about it, that might be good with the right ingredients…

But I came in here to mention those shakes. So thick you could hold it upside down and the contents would stay put. The coolest of the cool did this without mishap, and of course once in a while some doofus would end up with it in his lap.

The Pogs phenomenon was started by schoolchildren right here in Hawaii almost 30 years ago. It picked up in our last graduate-school semester, right before we moved back to Thailand, and once we had moved back we heard it took off nationally. But it all began here. Pog is still a local product, a blend of passionfruit, orange and guava juice, and the original pog disks were bottle caps from the stuff. Then they started being sold separately due to high demand just for the caps, and many stores would put up big “We Have Pogs!” signs in their windows. I remember visitors to the East-West Center on campus asking me what the hell Pogs were.

I knew a guy who invested in Pogs Stalls set up in malls. He was doing well financially and thought Pogs were going to make him a billionaire. He invested every penny in Pogs, then like a week later they stopped being a thing.

He would have loved tulips in the Netherlands back in the day.

I’m sure it wasn’t unique to our schools, but I haven’t met anyone else whose elementary school played massive games of Red Rover during recess and lunch. Two lines faced each other, would take turns: “Red Rover, we call Kropotkin over!” And Kropotkin would charge the opposing line trying to break through the 30+ kids who would mob him. Then Kropotkin’s former line would call someone over. At different points it would be “we call everyone with Basketmasters (a sneaker brand) over. Surprised there weren’t more injuries.

In high school, it was a thing to rip the leather label off someone else’s Lee’s jeans. The label was basically a 2” wide (long?) belt loop, so the preferred method was to thrust a finger through the label and yank.

Oh, just remembered this one from elementary school, grade 6-7: boys would roam around during recess and lunch trying to “knacker” one another. Yup, the object was to punch people in the testicles. You could block and parry, but it was not allowed to turn into a fight.

I note parenthetically that my high school was believed to have the lowest rate of graduates who went on to university in the province.

“Boner Checks” in Middle/High School

The joke was that if a guy was talking to a woman and he was holding ANYTHING in front of or over his crotch like say a school book or backpack someone would yell BONER CHECK and knock it out of their hands to see if he was trying to hide a boner. In fact, sometimes they were and the woman would get super embarrassed for him.

We played Red Rover a lot in elementary school. In high school, we played Dodge Ball in the gym on rainy days.

I still hate both of those games.

I dont know if this counts as a fad or survival but here’s some background

the junior high schools I went to (yes i went to 2 at the same time) one was a beat up rundown just patched up enough to meet federal codes and the other side was the school for physically and mentally disabled kids and 2 classes of well pretty normal kids with emotional and such problems but couldn’t handle normal classes for one reason or another most kids in foster care juvenile hall etc our side was about 5 rooms and a smaller room with our principal nurse and juvenile div sheriff officer but from the “normal” side split by chain a link fence and was moderately less old beat up and run down but they shared a few things like a lunchroom and such and a few of us who were advanced enough socially got to go back and forth

Well I had just enough problems that id been in those classes since 3rd grade … and since I knew how not to get caught in various shenanigans I was considered acceptable to have half of my classes on the normal side

the “fad” was what most of the school learned to do was cover any food substance in either ranch or bbq sauce that was in copiously provided 5 gallon-sized pumps (you didn’t use the ketchup because that came in tiny packers and was usually frozen)why?
because well the health dept shut down the cafeteria at least twice for serving incorrectly stored food aka the infamous green burger incident in which to save money they froze the premade burgers a bit too long and they spoiled while frozen … the other one was when they decided to have Mexican rice and a girl asked if the rice was supposed to be still moving …

And if it was supposed to be edible it was frozen or half-cooked or burnt (sometimes you hit the jack pot and it was all 3) or just gristly greasy or just blech …after a while you just covered it in the sauces. and just tried not to think about it much like a 15/16th-century sailor eating months old hardtack … t

The juvenile hall kids actually asked for the bagged lunches that they could get and for the severely disabled kids on the other side the principal went over the school and school districts head and talked Edwards air force base into donating mres that could be warmed up in a microwave if they thought the food was inedible … to this day I will put bbq sauce on everything but ice cream …

ironically about 10 or so years ago when Obamas sec of education pushed for better safety inspections the jr high failed which surprised absolutely and it was discovered that it needed 30 mil in repairs to be up to federal code it was decided to put the bullet in the head of the horse fossil and shut it down and the last year only had 8th grade students … it was sold to a group who was starting a junior university/trade school who received a grant to fix it up for about 3 mil