Westminster system: Who represents districts for cabinet secretaries?

Hey, plenty of MPs have an extra job or six on the side, so balancing a Cabinet position with constituency work should be a piece of cake… :smirk:

For that matter, most of them probably started their political careers in local government, and were probably active in local issues even before their first elected position. So they’ll still have whatever connections they built up from that.

One of my favorite episodes of Yes Minister (the British sitcom about Jim Hacker, a Cabinet Minister (and later PM) dealing with the Civil Service and his Cabinet colleagues) involves Hacker being given the job of being “Transport Supremo” (in American that would be “Transportation Czar”), which he soon learns is a sucker’s position, since whether he favors autos, trains or planes, the partisans for the other modes of transport will slaughter him. With the help of his civil servant allies (for once!), Jim creates a national transport plan that has a plausible reason for every decision - but every initial decision will be awful for the PM’s constituency (raising commuter fares, rerouting overnight trucking through the neighborhoods, turning a park into a parking lot). The PM may be the most powerful man in British politics - but he still needs to keep his constituents happy

A lot of the stuff British MPs constituents bring to them ought to be dealt with by local councillors, but few people have much respect for them, see what the point of them is, or even know whose theirs is, while everyone knows who the MP is.
A councillor will often attend such meetings as well as the MP so that he get stuff delegated to him.
The MP can send a councillor in his place, if he is busy, but this is a high-risk strategy.