WEstren Movies: Towns in The desert?

Parts of “Sergeant’s Three” were filmed in the Paria Canyon, which is has a river (sort of), and is, indeed, in the middle of nowhere.

The original buildings were taken down and then rebuilt. The structures themselves aren’t particularity impressive, but the scenery is just amazing.

They couldn’t legally sell you the entire bottle for on-premises consumption here in QLD, as that would be “encouraging the rapid or excessive consumption” of alcohol.

If you want to go to a Bottle Shop (licensed for take-away liquor sales), you can buy as much as you want; there’s no law (that I’m aware of) against buying a ute full of booze and getting completely tanked in the privacy of your own home- not that it’s a good idea, of course.

As for Ghost Towns- there aren’t that many in Australia/NZ, but the few I’m aware of tend to be from the Goldrush days, abandoned once the Gold ran out or got too expensive to extract.

Amarillo, like many places in the Plains, exists where it does primarily because of the existence of a railroad. You can read about it at Wikipedia: Amarillo. It should be noted, however, that there is an Amarillo Creek nearby, and that the fact that the proposed town site had access to water was a part of why it was selected for a town.

If I remember right, at Mist in TI (Las Vegas), a bottle of Crown Royal was about $260.

I am hoping that comes with hookers and coke… :slight_smile:

Yes, all the coke you want, but do you really want to mix Crown Royal with cola? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Well… waitresses and Coke. Of course, you end up tipping the waitresses more than the Coke is worth, but after paying $260 for a bottle of Crown, what’s a few more dollars to a pretty girl?

Haven’t seen it in years. Even so, it’s in some sense a spoof Western. At least, it intentionally either emphasizes or subverts many genre tropes. So I’m not sure it would count.

There was some kind of flowing water pretty close, it’s where Glover found his dad’s body. Granted it didn’t appear to run right through town, but it was there. And even if they didn’t show much else in the way of water, there were many references to how good the land quality nearby was.