Whale meat -- first-hand experiences?

The '80s were a time of great defitsity in the Soviet Union. I’ve never heard about this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if whale meat was being promoted the same way it was in postwar Britain with its food shortages.

We arrived at the hotel just after the kitchen had closed due to flight delays. They agreed to feed us, but we didn’t have any choice in what they served. It might have been some kind of Russian joke to serve whale to the dumb westerners.

Me, too. In Japan as a type of sashimi. What surprised me was that it was sliced rather thickly, and require a lot of chewing which made the experience less than pleasant.

I ate it when I worked on a Western Pacific island in the 70s. It was the only “red” meat available (except for dog, of course) so I liked it. I also ate it in Japan when I lived there. I usually consumed it with beer and it worked as a beer companion…but then again, what doesn’t. Well, maybe, leg of blond person, but overall, it was OK (the whale not the blond person.)

I went to Iceland and had that same sampler plate.

I liked the whale, thought the puffin was ok and loved the horse.