What about your writing style do you like/dislike?

I fucking curse too goddamn much. Shit piss cunt Barbra Streisand.

Watch your mouth!
I can be mildly amusing in person, but I can rarely elicit even a minor smile in writing. I regret that.

I use a lot of parentheses in my writing too (but I like it!); I also have a love for semicolons.

What I’m most proud of as a writer is that I can do dialogue. Even when I was writing my own novels, the characters’ conversations were the best part, and since I’ve been writing fanfic, I’ve discovered I have a good ear for “voices”; I get a lot of feedback on my stories telling me that the reader can hear the particular characters saying what I wrote.

What I don’t do well, and I wish I did, is write any kind of descriptive action. I’m envious of writers who can have pages and pages describing their characters climbing a mountain or walking in the woods, or fighting, or making love, and keep it all interesting. It’s a struggle for me to do more than 3 or 4 sentences to describe an action, and even at that I often feel as if I’m being repetitive and tedious.

Here I am a babbling idiot of which you all get to witness the incoherent me-a-thon. Sorry to punish you all like that, but you knew what I was like before you sent in your $5.00. It’s not like you weren’t warned.

Sometimes I may actually have a point, but don’t hold your breath.

My regular writing (letter writing, not email. I’m a luddite.) is stream of consciousness Dave Barry-Erma Bombeck-Me writing. Everyone who gets one from me loves it. (as they should.)

My story writing, I am rather proud of my characters being dimensional and some good action scenes.

My writing style varies drastically depending on the mood I’m in at the time. If I’m happy, I tend to be lighthearted, flowery and jokey, with liberal use of :slight_smile: and :wink: if I happen to be on a message board. I don’t really like writing anything of worth when I’m in this mood, since it makes it difficult to be as passionate about the topic as I might wish to be. If I’m in my mildly depressed, overly reflective mode, I will be much more serious and to-the-point, but due to my overanalytical tendencies while in this mindset, I will often indulge in my own “meta-writing”, where I discuss the topic as a whole rather than address a specific aspect of it. That will often come off as though I’m trying to claim superiority (which I’m not), or else trying to hijack the thread. This state usually occurs from midnight to whenever I go to bed, which is coincidentally enough the same period during which I frequent the SDMB (excepting the present, of course). If I’m in any state other than the two I’ve mentioned, I try to avoid writing anything meaningful, as my introspection leads me to believe that all my other states are emotion-based and therefore temporary, and I don’t want to write anything I may not stand by later.

Really, the only common features of my different writing styles are a tendency toward verbosity and an undying love for parentheses. Could you tell? :wink: