What are YOUR favorite zoos, aquariums, parks, and gardens?

The “Africa Tram” will always be the The Wgasa* Bush Line
to me.

The now-retired Wgasa Bush Line — which transported visitors around the outskirts of the park for more than three decades — was named after the African-sounding acronym for “Who Gives a Shit Anyway?”

Yes, that is the one I meant. The home of the Albino Alligator!

Forest Park in St Louis–it not only Zoo (remember TV show with Marlan Perkins?), but also skating rink, Planetarium, Art Museum, Missouri History Museum–all free!–but the Muny in summertime, and of course maybe the largest municipal park in US for discovering

forgot to add in separate area Shaw’s (Botanica) Gardens

I liked that big Park in Portland, Oregon that has the Zoo and the Botanical Gardens. I was wandering around it and stumbled across the Vietnam War Memorial. Very simple and very moving.