What are your most extreme, honestly held views?

  1. There is no sanctity in human life, nothing inherently special in keeping a person alive. I think we’re so wrapped up in staying alive, and so invested in the idea that every unique being is a piece of amazing potential waiting to flower into a fully realized expression of the divine (or whatever), that we make all sorts of stupid rules in order to protect life.

Abortion? Fine. Not because the fetus isn’t a ‘person,’ but because even if it is, I think allowing abortions is more important for society than the lives of some almost babies.

Euthanasia? Fine! Persistent Vegetative State and you want to remove the feeding tube? Fine!

I think that most people have a bit of cognitive dissonance when it comes to human life, anyway. We take all sorts of risks, and allow people to engage in risky behavior because ‘freedom’ is so important. Then when they hurt themselves it becomes imperative to save them at all costs because life is precious. If we truly cared that much about life, we wouldn’t let football players beat their bodies into early graves.
2. Parents should be allowed to raise their kids however they want. School, no school, healthy food, junk food, whatever. Want to keep the kid at home and teach them nothing but Bible literacy? Have at it! I think that aside from truly inhumane and criminal behavior (and choices that directly affect the well-being of those around them, eg. vaccinations), parents should have free rein over their own parenting choices.
3. Globalization is the worst thing to ever have happened to humanity and culture. I think that the easy and instantaneous access to news, information, and goods from around the world we currently enjoy marks the beginning of the end of cultural diversity, authenticity, and human self-sufficiency.

(these are ‘extreme’, and while I do believe them, I also have not debated or refined them very much. Maybe they are untenable; I don’t know, because I haven’t really worked them out loud with anyone else before)

My body stops being mine after I’m dead, just like everything else that was mine does.

I believe that everyone born here should be given five minutes (time deducted for the learning curve) to make a solid case for citizenship, and then they either get it and stay or don’t and have to go. As someone mentioned earlier, being born on the right side of an imaginary line doesn’t make you a more worthy person.

Doing more research, it looks like you are partially right - there are three issues that are of major global concern, and they are poverty, resource consumption, and population growth. All three need to be considered together, not separately (in my opinion).

It just feels like a slippery slope to me. If someone else gets to decide what happens to my organs when I die, that’s not so different from them deciding what I do with the contents of my uterus while I’m alive. I would fully support generous tax breaks for donors though.

I believe that everyone born here should be given five minutes (time deducted for the learning curve) to make a solid case for citizenship, and then they either get it and stay or don’t and have to go. As someone mentioned earlier, being born on the right side of an imaginary line doesn’t make you a more worthy person.

Huh, would just showing my passport work? :smiley:

Big difference–the state assists in disbursing your property when you die in ways that would be totally unthinkable when you’re alive. Alive people and dead people have vastly different rights.

I got a couple more… (this is a fun thread!)

Cannibalism should be ok. As long as you get permission, there’s no difference eating a person than a cow

I think suicide is the ultimate expression of your individual liberties over your own body. Once you reach a certain age, no one should be able to stop you from killing yourself. We should have suicide centers set up for people to be able to go in and kill themselves. No psychological testing, no waiting period, just into the front door and out the back in a box in less than an hour. The person dying doesn’t suffer from it because I don’t believe death is a negative. There’s no afterlife, so you can’t sit around lamenting your decision. Once you’re dead, you stop worrying about that

One of these days I’ll post a topic about this, but I’m against the US spying. I’m against any big, powerful country doing that actually, and I don’t think spies or espionage is a great crime with very few exceptions (WMDs). Treason should not be a big deal

Zero tolerance for pedophilia is stupid. There is the possibility that an adult and child can have sex without it being damaging. It should be looked at on a case-by-case basis. “Its icky” is not a justification against making it illegal

You’re already dead. No matter what you think of the law forcing people to donate organs, they won’t be donated until you’re dead, so it doesn’t matter to you

I think that if you’re not an organ donor in this system, you can’t get any organs if you need it. Go ahead and opt out of giving, but don’t come crying to the government if you need an organ someday

I think there is some hope that we’ll avoid debate here in this thread. Let’s let it go yes?

If you shoot someone who is up to no good, you should get a medal. You only thought your “good kid” had only fallen into a bad crowd until he decided to hang out at night in a dark house uninvited with a really bad crowd: me.

I think people should give me stuff like monkeys and stuff.

I’ll give you my monkey when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!

I want a return to chain gangs!

Well not really. But I want people in prison to work hard, everyday. (No Gyms, no cable tv, no free uni degrees, until you’ve done 5 yrs of hard work. Their terms do not get reduced any other way, it’s the only out. I want them put to work doing massive national projects. Being Canadian, I say, let’s build us another national corridor that spans the country. High speed rail, a few hundreds of miles north of the Trans Canada Highway. That ought to keep them busy for years, open new areas to development, etc. They get paid $1 per hour, .50 is set aside for them, when they get out (though the prison holds it, in the mean time, and profits from doing so), the other .50 goes to their families, their victims, or the state.

Sex offenders are given the option of being exiled to a remote mountain city, purpose built. Or chemical castration if they wish to re enter society.

White collar crime becomes truly criminalized, with severe penalties, and enormous restitution amounts.

Special laws for public officials. I want them to tremble when they take their oath of office!

Crimes against fashion really would be crimes. :wink:

Or how about making it illegal to go out in public without bathing? (Your right to stink ends at my nose.)

*Absolutely no wars. Anytime something seems headed that way, everyone must meet up in a single room and hash things out like pre-schoolers fighting over a toy. No one can come out or have supper until the conflict is resolved.

*All religion is forbidden if you want to codify any of your beliefs into law. You can think and worship whatever way you want, but the first time you try to impose that on anyone else, you’ll see serious jail time.

*We’re all citizens of the world, so no borders or bounderies. That way, it’ll make it impossible to have illegal anything and stop a lot of the ridiculous expansionism that caused problems since the beginning of humanity.

*Free college / trade schools to teach careers. Like universal healthcare, this should be a given.

*No children unless you can pass an ethics review. If Michelle Duggar can’t prove that she’s equally present in the lives of all 19 of her current living kids and isn’t passing off duties of raising them to their siblings, she’s not allowed to have another. By the same token, if you have something harmful that you’ll genetically pass on to your baby, despite how badly you may want one, adoption will be the only choice you get.

I also agree with some that have already been posted (like euthanasia) and don’t find others that extreme (legalizing pot, keeping abortion open to all), but would certainly find some of these very interesting to see debated. I wonder if any of these, like had been previously mentioned, will spin off some threads in GD. I’d definitely at least watch from the sidelines.

I think there’s something wrong with people who hunt primarily for sport.

People who hunt for primarily for sport are unbelievably rare. I’ve honestly never even met one. I mean, given how good most animals taste, why would anyone waste the meat?

I’ve never encountered anyone whose idea of hunting was that old-fashioned, Teddy Roosevelt, safari trophy kind of hunting. I’m pretty sure that’s almost totally obsolete, and would be severely looked down on by serious outdoorsmen.

End all civil-rights-related laws. Have a privately-owned club, school, apartment building or business? Want to restrict patrons or members to all-Catholic, LGBT-only, only people you find sexually attractive, smokers yeah or nay, restricted to ethnic minorities, what the heck-ever?

Go for it. Publically-funded at any level businesses, clubs and organizations must be even-handed, of course. All others, as long as they don’t receive public funding of any sort, can choose whoever’s patronage they want. The general public can, of course, decide whether they want to support a restrictive business.

You can eat the meat, and still have sport be your primary motivation for going hunting.

Maybe this is just hashing semantics, but doesn’t the very notion of hunting in modern society imply that it’s always primarily for sport even if the meat is eaten, considering that the same meat could have been obtained 100x more easily by going to the supermarket and buying it already prepared? If people choose to hunt, its because they like all the sporting aspects of “connecting with the great outdoors”/their primal instincts, firing rifles, and all that hardcore DIYer-type stuff. It’s not like a person thinks “I need meat to eat” and their first logical thought is “go hunting” as the best/easiest way to obtain it. Ergo, it’s always for “sport” whether the meat is preserved and eaten or not.

ETA: I see Blackberry had the same thought as I did while I was writing that. Great minds…

After reading through this thread, all I can say is, Holy Shit, yes!

Here’s mine: Anyone receiving a direct payment from any level of government should lose the right to vote at that level of government. This would avoid the noxious practice of buying votes by providing government freebies at taxpayer expense (welfare benefits, defense contracts, union contracts, Social Security, etc.). Note that I am a state employee, and thus would lose my right to vote for state offices.

I think that some form of eugenics can be done in an ethical, non-racist way and that if we can figure out such a way we should try to improve ourselves thus.