What are your views on Eugenics applied to human beings ?

An 8 month old fetus being killed is an individual being harmed.

Would you really back this right? For instance the right to refuse service to homosexuals or people of colour? Again, you’re picking an analogy where someone is going to be wronged, if not in theory, at least in practice.

But if your prejudices, or your concern about your children fitting in, or your aesthetical preferences lead you to abort fetuses who are destined to become homosexual or who will have a dark skin, who exactly is wronged? What kind of moral obligation do you have to give birth to black lesbians?

When oh when will we just let corporations run the world?!?

Would these hordes in different circumstances still be perceived that poorly? How do you decide what aspect of outcome is due to nature vs nurture? Should the first step in improving lives be culling the herd or fixing the environment?

That wouldn’t be any better. The world needs balance of power.

This is an argument against abortion in general, and not against selective abortion in particular. So, you’re proving my point, since I was stating that you’ll have a hard time finding an argument against the latter that isn’t also an argument against the former (either on the basis that abortion is wrong in itself or on the basis that reproduction is a social duty).

Perhaps you have some Military-Industrial agreement in mind? I know you don’t trust voters.

I already explained it several times, I believe. Unless you make the assumption that abortion is wrong, how is deciding to abort because you don’t want anymore boys wrong?

How are “I don’t want the burden of taking care of a seriously crippled kid” and “I don’t want the burden of taking care of any child, even perfectly healthy” both fine and dandy, but “I don’t want the burden of taking care of a somewhat handicapped kid” isn’t?

Would you want to live in a pure democracy?

Actually no, “back” is too strong a word. I’d think they were scum and suggest that people boycott their business but if the law allows that business owner to refuse service then their right to do so is exactly as important as mine even if the motivation behind it is malicious.

Perhaps free speech is a better example. We are free to say what we like and that right must be defended but the actual words uttered and their intent can be benign or malignant. I’m sure you are more judgemental on certain words than on others, even when no material harm has been caused.

Wait, why did you drop the sex selection example?

You mean everybody votes on every single issue that the President or Senate currently decide on? That does seem cumbersome indeed. What is the balance you would prefer?

Can you specify what is this societal harm?

And if there is such a harm, should then people be expected to reproduce according to society’s needs or else be considered a morale failure? For instance, is it wrong to abort a female fetus because you should produce brides for too numerous single men? If I’m Russian or Italian would it be morally wrong not to have any children when the population is declining and growing older?

Why should I need to always use the same example? I just picked yours. What would it change? The concept stays the same : if reason X is good enough, and “just because” also is good enough, how could “reason Y” not be good enough too?

I’m all in favor of it. Creating children that are smarter, healthier, more emotionally resilient, etc. than their parents generation is a good thing.

Eugenics is a pseudoscience.

As the parent of a child who would be considered worthy of elimination under many eugenics policies, and therefore someone who has met many more, I think the world is better off, not worse off, with them.

Absolutely any child can become “crippled” (what is this, 1975?) and/or require constant care. The only difference is that you know before birth for some of them. Just sayin’.


Just offering some perspective on the idea that it’s possible to perfect the species, or to any couple having a child. If you would reject an “imperfect” child, perhaps you shouldn’t have children, because there are so many ways a child can go wrong at any point in their life.