What Board Games are you playing?

I miss Cribbage.

Chess is fun when both people are of a similar level. So, if you both suck it’s fine. Enjoy the game.

Not everything Gigamic makes is a winner, but they are a leader in the “explain in 2 minutes but endless strategic depth” kind of game. If you like Quoridor, then Quarto, Pylos, and Inside are also fantastic.

My pa and I used to play Cribbage. He could VERY consistently beat me, and I never, ever, worked out what I was doing wrong. It’s very obviously a game of skill…and I ain’t got it!

ETA: is there a decent Cribbage solitaire computer app?

We just unpacked Snowdonia for the first time in a long while, and it was great fun. It involves clearing a railway up a Welsh mountain in varied weather, but it’s more worker placement than rail game.

Snowdonia has become a hit (more so than I expected) with my college friends – we play a game (not always Snowdonia) once a month online. I’ve been hoping that with the “super deluxe includes every expansion and promo ever” (two person lift) version out the vanilla version would become cheaper but copies seem steady at about $55


You probably missed that window. The deluxe version of Snowdonia came out in 2019. What usually happens is when a new version of a game comes there is a period when people sell off their copies of the original versions. (For example, I just bought a used copy of the original edition of Sidereal Confluence.) But after that bump, it settles back down.

Just to bump this back to life, here’s the games I’ve played this month:

Beyond the Sun
Get the MacGuffin
Imperium: Classics
Kingdom Builder
Oh, My Goods (with the Longsdale expansion)
Path of Light and Shadow
Santa’s Toybox
Shadow Kingdoms of Valeria
Space Base
Tybor the Builder
Usurp the King

Tabletop games I’ve played in the last couple of months:

A Touch of Evil: Dark Gothic
Betrayal: Legacy
Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig
CLUE: Dungeons & Dragons
Fireteam Zero
King of Tokyo: Dark
Marvel Champions
Maximum Apocalypse
Scooby-Doo in Betrayal at Mystery Mansion
Sentinels of the Multiverse
Smash-Up: Marvel
Witches of the Revolution
Zombiecide: Invasion

(BTW, I’m a hobby gamer, and as the list above indicates, I play a lot of board and card games; my usual gaming group has rather eclectic tastes, so I play a lot of games that I probably wouldn’t otherwise; and yet, of @Little_Nemo’s extensive list, I don’t think I’ve ever played any, and I recognize only one, “Wingspan”. It’s a hugely sprawling hobby at this point, is what I’m saying.)

Recent games for me:
Carpe Diem
Cooper Island
Nations: The Dice Game
Azul: Summer Pavillion
Settlers (with a custom map and 2s or 12s which produce a resource of each players choice)
Steampunk Rally
6 Nimmt
Power Grid
less recently I played Underwater Cities, Newton, and Hallertau


I would say the same. I’ve been playing for years and I play dozens of games each month. Yet I’ve only played two of the games you listed (Clank and Sentinels of the Multiverse).

Some really good games on both those lists. I have tried to slow down our buying as I am running out of room but some games we played and enjoyed recently are The Red Cathedral, Dune Imperium, Space Base, The Lost Ruins of Arnak and Nidavellir.

Games we’ve played in the last few months:

Codenames duet
The fox in the forest
For sale
Cosmic encounters
Dead of winter
Smash up

Also, hundreds and hundreds of games of race for the galaxy online.

Is it okay to discuss card games? We got a new to us Uno game called Uno Flip. The cards are two sided. One side is the regular Uno game, unless someone plays a flip card, then you flip your hand over to the dark side, which is harsher, with cards like draw 5 and skip everyone.

Yes this thread is for all tabletop games.

We’re only playing iPad versions of these games now, for obvious reasons. In some cases I suspect we’ll do that even when we get F2F again! Having the machine do the grunt work and enforce the rules is great.

Terraforming Mars
Small World
7 Wonders
Ticket to Ride

We’re looking at Castles of Mad King Ludwig but I can’t say it grabs me.

Ones I play solo include:
Dominant Species
Stone Age (until they withdraw it)
Civilisation VI

Castles of Mad King Ludwig and Suburbia are both by the same designer, Ted Alsbach, and published by the same company. And they both involve drafting and placing tiles and collecting points based on their interactions. So there’s an obvious overlap between them and most people prefer one of the other.

The main differences are the shapes of the pieces and the payment mechanism. All of the pieces are regular hexagons in Suburbia and fit together interchangeably. The pieces in CoMKL are different sizes and shapes, so there is a jigsaw puzzle effect in choosing where to locate a tile. The payment is based on a fixed pattern in Suburbia and money is paid to the bank. In CoMKL, there is a rotation among the players where one player determines the cost of the various pieces on the market and has opportunities to collect money.

Personally, I’m on Team Suburbia. I feel that both games are based around a core of choosing tiles and building a tableau. But I feel the other things in CoMKL distract away from this.

Got together with some friends today and we played Space Alert (twice), Architects of the West Kingdom, and Space Base.

I’m glad to see so many folks listing Space Base, which I love. I generally play with the Shy Pluto expansion, so try it if you have not already.

I’ve never played Suburbia, but Castles of Mad King Ludwig is a hit at our house, even for our younger kids. I think the delight of castle-building is at its heart. While I don’t particularly want to explain what the Venus Grotto is or why it’s in the basement, my third grader is happy to snatch up all the outdoor rooms and build a huge park complex, while my seventh grader plays more strategically but still can’t quite shake the feeling that a dungeon complex is always the path to victory.

I generally don’t go with storyline expansions. I play games with different people so it’s very unlikely the same people would be playing two consecutive games of Space Base or any other game. So I prefer a game where the current group playing can start the game fresh.

That said, I mentioned in a previous post that I’m playing the storyline versions of Oh My Goods and Tybor the Builder. But this is due to an unusual circumstance. I have a friend in the hospital and we’ve been playing those games on an ongoing basis.