What celebrities are known for being jerks(that are not named Chevy Chase)?

Just a little update. I just heard two director-producers talking about the most difficulty actors to work with in their career. It was Charles Band and John Carpenter having the conversation. Their answers?

Charles Band - He said Klaus Kinski, who was in a non-Herzog movie that Band produced. And yes, Kinski grabbed a knife and threatened to kill the director(not Band, a guy named David Schmoeller)

John Carpenter - Who did Carpenter say? You got it. Chevy Chase. I didn’t know this, but Carpenter directed that Invisible Man movie Chase is in and Chase was atrocious.

Unfortunately, the movie in question, Crawlspace (1986) is a piece of cinematic excrement whose only virtue is that it inspired this short film.

Never heard of that short film, but I just watched all of it. You have to love it. Here is Charles Band commenting on that movie.

Charles Kuralt, the rotund, jolly host of CBS Sunday Morning and the “On the Road” features was discovered after his death to have a second family in Montana, while leaving his wife alone in New York. Even before then he had gained a reputation at CBS as being difficult to work with. While this was implied by several CBS people in their memoirs, former president of the News Division Ed Joyce really exposed a lot of the backstage dissension, even naming other CBS news personalities who refused to work with Kuralt. Supposedly the entire News division celebrated Kuralt’s On the Road and Sunday Morning assignments because they kept him out of the office during the regular Monday-Friday shifts.

I once had a boss who might well have been the female pharmaceutical equivalent of Mr. Kinski.

If you’re wondering if this is the same person I’ve mentioned before who was in a near-fatal car accident several years after I worked with her, and she had a TV station and the newspaper do big stories about it, which was followed by the reporters’ e-mail boxes crashing because of the response they got from people telling them what she was really like, yes, it was.

“For that is what brought me to the road in the first place, so many years ago: the promise of sex with a string of anonymous partners across this great land.”


I remembered that sketch, and went looking for it and couldn’t find it. Thanks!