What chores do you loathe?

Folding, putting away laundry.

My Wife and I split ‘chores’ housekeeping real well. There is no plan, things just get done. I do 90% of the cooking, she does 90% of the laundry.

I hate folding, putting away laundry mostly because I worry about where her stuff goes. Hanger? Drawer? Running gym bag? Swim gym bag? Bike gym bag? Is that a good towel? Looks like a rag but that may be a work out towel. Never can figure it out.

I will do my own laundry. One drawer, or on a clothes rod on my side of the closet. Pants up the top rod on an hanger, shirts on the bottom rod. Easy peasy.

I’m a Geographic Information Systems Programmer, but my wife’s clothes are way too complicated for me.

I am probably the laziest person ever so I hate them all.

Vacuuming. But I have to do it almost daily in summer if I want to actually see the floor, because I have three dogs that shed voluminously.

What is this “dusting” of which you speak? :smiley: I make it more tolerable by using nice-smelling cleaner, such as the Target method brand almond scented cleaner.

Two chores that I outsource:
Mowing the yard (it’s quite large) because I hate mowing even more than vacuuming.
Laundry: I drop my laundry off at a neighbor’s house a block away in the morning, she has it done and folded just the way I like it by afternoon. I pay her $5.00 per load, and am happy to do so. She even sorts it into layers for easy putting-away.

Oh gods, me too. Especially during this Market Basket thing.

Except for meat and veg, I have everything delivered. I <3 home grocery delivery.

Oh god, me too. After I went away to college, my mom suddenly decided that maybe an automatic dishwasher did get the dishes clean enough and got one. They named it “GrumpyBunny”.

I’ve refused to live somewhere because the place had no dishwasher and no room for one.

Isn’t it quite expensive to have groceries delivered? I actually enjoy grocery shopping, and am not even sure if any stores around here do home deliveries.

My dogs are my pre-dishwashers. :smiley: I don’t have a dishwasher but the dogs clean all the plates and such pretty well, so they’re a lot easier to clean up in the sink.

I hate doing floors, just hate it. I can go blithely about not noticing dents or scratches in the kitchen linoleum forever, but I can’t scrub without seeing them so I feel worse about it after I’m done cleaning it. Vacuuming is always an unpleasant surprise when I empty the schmutz and realize there was that much crud in my rug. And running the carpet cleaner around is some kind of Sisyphean exercise in futility, no matter how many times I redo a room all I’m going to see is not how much cleaner it is but the worn or stained spots I couldn’t make perfect.

I’m over here in the corner keeping MrsTime company. I hate 'em all, mostly. There are so many more interesting things to do than clean house!

The most loathed, though? Folding, hanging, and putting away laundry. I gather it up, I wash it, I dry it, and then I typically pile it on the dining room table until something jump-starts the effort to finish. And it’s so stupid, because once it’s all done? The job itself has taken maybe half an hour, and I’m not wasting time looking for a clean outfit for the baby or being awakened at some stupid hour to find clean undies for my husband. But I still refuse to fold/match socks. My husband gets annoyed that he has a drawer stuffed full of unmatched socks, but he’s a big boy: If folded socks are so important to him, he can match them up himself.

I guess my only real domestic strong points are that I like to cook (but not to wash up afterwards,) but I think it’s because that’s one of my few creative outlets. And I kind of enjoy grocery shopping - that’s probably because I don’t get out of the house much, nor do I have a social life worth mentioning, and it’s nice to go interact with people and leave the kids and husband at home for an hour or so…

Depending on the amount you order, and where you order from, between $6 and $10 a load.

I have them deliver all of the soda, cat food, cat sand, and other non-perishables once a month. Totally worth it.

I actually enjoy washing dishes. I feel I am reducing the local entropy (although increasing it globally). I don’t mind unloading the dishwasher either.

I loathe cleaning my bathroom. Also clearing snow (I pay someone). I don’t much care for mopping the kitchen and bathroom floors, although the hard part of the job is moving all the stuff from them, not the actual mopping. My wife does all the laundry, all the vacuuming, and most of the cooking. I know she loves to cook, so I do most of the dishes.

Floors, anything to do with floors. Mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, and so forth.

I don’t know why, but I’d rather clean the bathroom and it’s fixtures than do floors.

Dishwashing isn’t so bad. I’d trade doing dishes, by hand, with anyone, if they would do my floors.

Most chores are just a nuisance and just make me feel slightly bothered that I don’t have magic (yet), but cleaning my bathroom is the worst thing that there is. Goddamn, do I hate it. It’s just so gross, but not cleaning it is even grosser.

I hate putting groceries away. It always involves getting criticized for doing it wrong, which apparently I do because of some attitude issue or another. Because I’m a dick. Apparently.

I cant stand dishes and putting away laundry. They are both never ending.

Cleaning the toilet. I don’t so much mind the bowl and the top part.

But trying to get the pet hair off the sides and the base is a real bitch.

All chores are never ending - that’s why they’re so annoying. I can’t pick the one that I hate the most. They’re all equally loathed.

Things that involve my hair, like vacuuming and clearing the shower drain. Urgh.

I hate vacuuming. I hate putting clean dishes away. Most of all I hate taking out the garbage and recycle bins. I would gladly pay someone to take them to the curb and bring them back after the garbage man has come.

Folding laundry. I can wash or put away but folding I just totally hate.

Putting away dishes. We have too many and to me its too much like Jenga. And I never cared for that much.

The toilets, gak. Ick. I clean both once per week. They are invariably streaked with human ordure and it makes me gag.

I also dislike sweeping and mopping. The sweeping is so endless, and I seldom feel as though I’m getting the dirt UP as I am spreading it AROUND. The mopping is just frustrating. Our linoleum is old and missing in spots, so it doesn’t look much if any better when it’s done. :frowning:

On the other hand, I LOVE to do laundry. If we all lived in the same community, we could chore-share… I’d happily swap y’all laundry for floors. :smiley:

I absolutely hate doing the dishes. I have a dishwasher, but you pretty much have to wash them before putting them in. There is just something about the greasy slimy used food that makes me gag. I can’t even approach the chore without gloves, and I can’t use the rubber ones so it’s always a challenge keeping them in stock.

Also cleaning out the car. It somehow always builds up a big pile of junk that I don’t know what to do with, and then I carry it all into the house and it’s still a pile of junk with no place to go, all of which is impossible to throw away for reasons that span the spectrum from “Celtling wants it” to “Might need it for taxes.”