What common ingredients aren't in your kitchen?

White bread
Cookies or chips or basically anything that you could grab from a bag and stick in your mouth without cooking.

Not common, but I keep running up against it when trying new recipes: prepared mustard. I’ll have to break down and buy it eventually.
Olive oil is a necessity.

I’m not much of a cook. I’ve no :


Yes, we have no:

olives - ugh!
olive oil - Oil that tastes like olives. Double ugh!
hot sauce
maraschino cherries - can’t think of why we’d ever need these
whipped cream
artificial sweetener
flavored vinegar
rye bread - I like it, but my wfe doesn’t
anything made of soy beans

Instead of hot sauce, we have spices like Hungarian hot paprika and chili powder (and sometimes chipotles packed in adobo sauce). It evens out.

The last spice listed in whichever recipe I’m trying to cook

And of the original list in the OP, we only have olive oil and maraschino cherries

But we always have filo, tahini, and halawa!

Fruit Juice
Packaged Snack foods…

What can I say, we’ve been on Atkins for years…

Gotta love eating full fat cheeses, whipping cream and butter and having your cholesterol go down to normal, be able to stop taking pills for high blood pressure, and lose 40 pounds and keep it off for years…

But it does tend to confuse people who come to dinner expecting lots of starches along with their veggies and meat… :smiley:

There is no basil in our spice rack, but that’s entirely my fault. I’m not a fan of hives.

Alcohol (Can’t buy it myself, so other than the occasional party there’s none in my place.)
Artificial sweeteners
Snack foods
White vinegar (I have sherry, red wine, apple, rice, three kinds of balsamic, oregano and champagne. Mostly used for salad dressings.)
Anything milk based (except for butter)
Deli meat
Fruit juice
Canned vegetables
I could’ve claimed soda, except I’m addicted to regular Ramune. Mmmmm…

Flavored vinegar? Olive oil? Rosemary? Those are COMMON? Damn, I must live in a cave or something. I never have anything listed in this thread except sweet biscuits, bottled salad dressings, and raw sliced meat that’s used immediately. When I want fancy food, you know, stuff with mayo or marischino cherries, I go to a restaurant where someone who knows how to use those things will mix 'em up correctly. The only thing that would surprise me, as a visitor, by its absence is water. Not bottled or spring water, just plain old tap water to drink.

Micro Dot, I’m curious about the impetus for this thread. Do visitors run a quick kitchen inventory when they stop by? Do amateur chefs routinely visit friends for tag-team tenderloin with terragon and thyme? I just don’t understand reason for the question.

About the only thing on the list that I don’t keep is cooking sherry…I don’t cook with any wine that I wouldn’t drink!

Count me in as another one who thinks that ketchup is an abomination to all that is holy…
I also don’t buy margarine…I would rather my fat intake have real flavor.
No potatoes
No canned vegetables
No cold cereal
No white bread

meat of any kind
white bread
spices other than pepper and onion powder
canned veggies or fruit
cakes, pies and other sweets

The joy of being a Diabetic Vegetarian in heart failure. If it might taste good I can’t have it. Except hot sauce they can have the seven different varieties in my fridge when they pry them from my cold dead hands.


There’s stuff at the back of the fridge ::eek:: I dunno what it is but it snarls

Earlier this week I was without Bacon Salt then the mailman arrived with a package from the USA :slight_smile:

God Bless America

We do that for fish and meat, too, especially now that we live where we can walk to a kosher butcher (we used to have a lot of kosher meat in our freezer, back when that wasn’t the case). If you went by what’s in my fridge, you would probably think we lived on cheese and sauces. We go to the grocery store most days, to get stuff for dinner. We have lots of recipes that use only stuff that keeps, for the days we don’t want to do that.

We have tahini, too. It keeps well, and sometimes we do make something that calls for it.

We always have at least two kinds of hot sauce on hand- a vinegary Tabasco-type sauce, and a non-vinegary Sriracha-type sauce.

We don’t have any of that stuff, either. I’m the sort of person who can absent-mindedly eat a whole bag of chips or box of crackers while watching TV, so I save myself the temptation by not buying snack foods.

My mom keeps candy out in candy dishes in the living room. Someone gave us a pretty candy dish for a wedding present, but we will never use it for candy- a candy dish presents the same problem for us that readily available crackers or chips do.

If I want snack food, I buy the kind of dried seaweed that is used for sushi. It’s nutritious, very low-calorie, and salty enough to be an acceptable substitute for chips or crackers.

No spices? I thought spices were what you were supposed to use if fat and salt were out for flavoring food.

We think our fridge crud was on the verge of developing nuclear weapons by the time we moved out of our last apartment.