What do i do with my rat?

Hey! Let’s not get all speciest here! Just because they’re not fuzzy and warm doesn’t mean they’re not God’s creepy little squirmy creatures too.

And it’s strangly appropriate you bring it up in this thread. I managed to become quite the household herpatologist, nursing boa’s and iguanas back from scale mites and vitamin D deficiency because college friends couldn’t handle their exotic little trendy pets.

My advice: a flyer in the window at your local smoke shop/ tatoo parlour/ indie cred record shop.

I’m sorry Birdie.

I have two rats, and one is a little grey boy with white paws. I can’t wait to go home and see him…pretty soon.

I’m just a little pissed at Dalanan for saying that they are unclean.
My other rat, Turpentine, gets excited close to about this time of day because he knows i’m coming home soon and he knows I’ll share my macaroni and cheese with him.

The others, save dalanan, have offered some good solutions.
I like you for caring so much, and making sure that he’ll have a good home.

I had an ant farm when I was in college, but my roommate had a hissyfit and made me get rid of it.

I found a friend in the same dorm who agreed to take my ants until I could take them home.

Give D’Artangnan a ratty kiss for me.
Turpentine kisses are the best, though.

So strange that people still don’t realize that rats are the sweetest animals on the planet…except maybe for pit bulls.

Maybe you could contact these guys:


They’re the Leon County Humane Society and they’re located in Tallahassee. They have a link to a place that rescues rabbits on their site, maybe they know of a place that’ll help your sweetie out. And try to explain to whoever runs your dorm and your roomie that you may need a week or two to place him in a good home. If they’re even remotely reasonable, they should allow you that much.

There are a lot of rat enthusiasts out there, so think it should work out ok. Just don’t let anyone convince you that it’s “just a rat.”

I have convinced my younger sister to take care of D’Artagnan for me until i get out of school, two months from now. She gets him supplied with 7 lbs of lab pellets, 2 packages of treats, 5 sticks of fruit flavoured wood, a package of cedar bedding, a box of saltine crackers, a brand new ball to run around in, and his cage (which comes complete with a nest, a red wooden jungle gym type thing for him to crawl through, and his favourite pink tube sock that he uses as a sleeping bag). Also, there is a list of instructions for training him using positive reinforcement, his favourite snacks, and a few "don’t forget"s. I’m going to miss this rat :frowning: but he should be happy at my house. During christmas break, i had him at home and the cats used to sit on top of his cage. He would climb on top of his nest and pet them through the top. i don’t think he realized they want to eat him…

Thanks again for your advice. i’m so relieved that my sister would take care of him :slight_smile:

I guess this means I don’t get a damn rat! God dammit! I’m responsible. I’d take care of him and love him, and feed him… Now I’ll never get that rat I’ve always wanted.

I like a happy ending.

Birdie, don’t use cedar bedding; it’s not healthy for rats:

In response to your question:

I suggest you eat him. Rats are packed chock-full of vitamins & useful protein, & taste yummie with Tartar sause.

Rat! UMMM-UM! Them’s good eatin’! :smiley: