What do I need to know about buying a smartphone?

I am looking at my Moto G6 right now. It is…“fine”, I guess. Pretty bland and generic. Have to try pretty hard to get good pix out of the camera.

Liked. Not looked. Sorry.

No, my Moto didn’t take awesome photos. But when i go on vacation I bring a dedicated camera. And otherwise I’m okay with what it does.

And the battery lasted well for a couple of years of hard use. I liked that it had a slot for a memory card and a port for headphones. Also, i had very few choices, because i wanted Google Fi and at the time only a handful of phones were supported. My Moto was way cheaper than the Pixels, and worked nicely.

Just checking in to let @Robot_Arm, assuming a new phone is yet to be purchased, know that with the release of the 15.0.2 update for iphone(which I just installed today) I can no longer recommend iphone. They have added some steps to things that were unnecessary (right now, switching between tabs while browsing is my big grievance, haven’t explored all the “improvements” yet) and rearranged the open tab display from a cascade with title displayed to a grid with title truncated to uselessness. Of course being apple, personalization can NOT be allowed. Can’t change how tabs are displayed. With just that small difference iphone has lost its tenous grip on “very expensive, but possibly worth the money” and slipped into “overpriced, subpar, not worth the money”, I’d have to say motorola or goophone would be the best bet at this point(I think, but I’m not sure, that LG is getting out of the phone business)

Huh. I didn’t know you could have multiple tabs while browsing on an iPhone. (I mostly use mine for two texts a day, and for ‘decision-making’ navigation.) I also didn’t know why Safari keeps opening up on the last thing I looked up, instead of a home screen like on my Mac. In trying to find how to open a new tab, I discovered ‘Close all 84 tabs’ and ‘Close tabs after days’. (I didn’t see one to close tabs upon closing Safari.) And when I closed the open tabs, I got back to the ‘homepage’. No need for me to open multiple tabs on an iPhone, but it looks like I can do it if I want to .

Is this just in reference to their changes to the Safari browser or to the phone display itself?

I have 15.0.2 on my new iPhone 13 Pro and I haven’t noticed any real big changes from iOS 14 to 15 (I went from a 6s using iOS 14 to a 13 Pro using iOS 15.0.2). I don’t use Safari - and no one has to use Safari. I use Edge because that’s what I use on my desktop and laptop, so everything is synched.

That’s about safari specifically. When I got this phone I wasn’t very impressed with it, so I tried a couple different browsers (including edge), but apple seems to disallow other browsers from doing the things I want them to do(such as using adblocking extensions) that made me feel uneasy about security. So, I just use safari, might as well. Edge, btw, did something, can’t remember what now, that had nothing to do with apple(I think) that caused me to remove it. I thought it was a shame too, I liked edge because it wasn’t the basic limited “primitive” mobile browser that seems to be the norm for phones. It was a full browsing experience compatible with a desktop browser


Well, as I go along, I keep discovering new things with this upgrade (primarily that all of my settings are now all fukard up) such as any picture I’ve sent or recieved as a multimedia message now shows up in the contact list on the page for that person and that apple is real het up about sharing everything with everyone on my contact list

So far I’ve heard nothing to make me regret not upgrading to iOS 15.

I’ve honestly not noticed a difference. Other than I switched my weather app to using the Apple weather app cuz I read it was upgraded. I must not be a power user.

A couple of phones ago, I played with an app called Tasker which could do stuff like that as well as loads of other nifty stuff. I never got the scripts to run quite right, though.

One beef I continue to have with Android is their security-related “improvements” result in the loss of functionality. I used to have an add-on that would let me put some app widgets on the lockscreen - so, for example, I could put the phone in sleep mode (track my sleep, turn off audible notices etc.) without going to the hassle of unlocking it. That’s gone. They took away the ability for apps to turn mobile data / location tracking off and on, because some rogue apps were doing it without permission, but did not allow for an app to say “hey, wanna know where you are, 'kay?”. (that was actually the main reason I rooted the one phone and played with Tasker).

“Tasker” sounds familiar, that may have been the app I used. I remember it wasn’t as simple as just changing between “sound” and “vibrate” modes.