What do like that's "just wrong" ?

I like salsa without cilantro.
And I like chili better that has less alarms, not more.
And Margaritas with less salt.

And despite the above I like to eat at Mexican places every day at lunch. So what if I’m missing what others call “the best items on the menu”? They are missing my best items.

Ketchup on hot dogs.

Some say the ketchup compromises the flavor.


Considering what goes into hot dogs, NOTHING can hurt them.

“All Beef” could easily mean noses and rectums.

I like curling.

Right on! This applied to hamburgers too, of course. However, I believe that mustard has no place in this world.

“applies” rather

I throw away the little blue salt sachet in Salt ‘n’ Shake crisps(that’s chips for you 'merkins - do you have salt ‘n’ shake over there?) and savour the taste of potato.

I have eaten broiled fresh tuna, and I’ve eaten canned “white” tuna. I’d rather have chunk light canned tuna. I am embarassed, but not ashamed.

I like sliced raw potato.

“If I let you two be happy, then everybody’s gonna wanna be happy.” --Guy Noir (Garrison Keillor)

I like my popcorn with chili oil and nutritional yeast. It tastes spicy and buttery. Really!

Fizgig, if I try that and you are lying, I shall have my revenge.

I eat mayonnaise on corn on the cob.

Cheetos on turkey sandwiches.

Peanut butter and melted cheddar on tuna

Buwahahahaha! It tastes spicy and buttery! (to me).

I’m not trying mayo on corn, though. :dubious:

My favorite snack is crumbled feta cheese mixed with the goldfish snack crackers. My SO says it smells like feet, and maybe it does, but it’s really good.

I quite like garilc, however I know that it is the spawn of the DEVIL!

It’s evil I tells ya!

Honey on garlic bread. Something about the sweet and the savory mixed together…mmmm.

Nutritional yeast and soy sauce on popcorn is good. It’s about the only good thing you can do with nutritional yeast as fasr as I’m concerned.

Maple Syrup on Hamburgers. The weird taste is so wrong, it is has to be right.

Peanut butter and bacon sandwiches. The mixture of warm bacon grease and smooth Jif is one of Nature’s joys, especially when washed down with a can of Sun-Drop.

Putting Nacho Cheese Doritos on a bacon cheeseburger is also a wonderful thing. Try it sometime.

Cereal with no milk. Amazingly, I was almost killed once for this seemingly innocuous practice. Some people really like their milk.

I like peanutbutter on celery. Even better: peanutbutter on celery with raisins!

I know a guy who likes to put ketchup in his scrambled eggs.

Mustard compliments almost all foods. Meatloaf, chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, and spam!