What do like that's "just wrong" ?

Kim Chee on hamburgers.


marmite and bocaburger patty sandwiches!

Raw saimin. (top ramin)

I like sausage and marmalade sandwiches; I tried bacon and strawberry once, but it was nothing special.

I find it odd that most of these posts are food related and I’m going to happily add to it.

French Fries, cannot eat them without vinegar and gravy. :slight_smile:

Ripple potato chips dipped in chocolate
Salad dressing on potatos
Syrup sandwiches
Molasses on tea biscuits

I eat my corn on the cob plain. No butter, no salt, no nuthin. Just wrap the cob in foil, throw it on the barbeque for a while, and eat it hot and juicy as-is.

My wife thinks this is very strange, but I say if you need butter and salt to enhance the flavor, it wasn’t a very good cob of corn to begin with.

Does it have to be food related?

I like dressing up like a complete nerd and going out with all my friends. To a movie, club, restaurant. I don’t do it too often, but man it’s fun!

Food related. I freeze almost any candy I buy. I like Pop Rocks™ with Coca Cola™, a party in my mouth!

I scoop Wendy’s Frostys with french fries, but, alot of people do that.

My Dad, as a kid, used to eat raw hamburger and horseradish sandwiches. That was a long time ago, though…

Marinara sauce on seasoned french fries

cheeseburgar made with provolone and marinara in place of american and ketchup

Tater tots and chili

wheat bread, white american cheese, peanut butter, and pickle slices (stoner moment made that one)

Spaghetti and sour cream - no sauce, just a dollop of sour cream.

I don’t think barbecue sauce on fries is as weird as I used to after seeing some of the unholy food combinations in this thread.

And mustard is the spawn of Evil. I’m always thrilled when I run into other people who think so.

Liverwurst and mushroom sandwiches.

Bread sandwhiches

Whole wheat on rye

Sour dough on french loaf

With tons of mustard!

Ye GODS, man! How do you eat bratwurst?

And if I get caught while making a bacon and peanut-butter sandwich, I will blame brianjedi for my malfeasance. Although I must admit that the thick-cut peppered bacon that I like is probably horrible for this - more like some thin Oscar Meyer type stuff, right? Right? Please help me postpone this experiment until I go shopping again…

pilot141, I use thick-sliced non-peppered bacon, and not that wafer-thin stuff. (That enough dashes for you?) Surprisingly, Wal-Mart’s store brand thick-sliced bacon is perfect for this, but I imagine any kind would work. Be sure that the bacon goes straight from the pan onto the sandwich so you get the full effect.

Punha insists that my hotdogs with ketchup and mayo are “just wrong” but he eats them raw with mustard so what does he know? (I am firmly planted in the anti-mustard/raw hotdogs camp)

Also during Christmas time my mom makes sausage balls (sausage mixed with bisquick and cheddar cheese rolled into balls) and I like to eat one or two raw before putting them in the oven to bake. I’ve been doing that since I was little and never let her catch me cause she’d probably think it was “just wrong”.

Oh and get this. I eat ketchup on my steak (unless it’s a really good one then I don’t put anything on it). I am completely anti-steak sauce too.

Thanks brianjedi .

To recap: thick-sliced non-peppered bacon pan-hot onto smooth-style Jif.

And and extra helping of hyphens to wash it down with!:wink:

“And an” extra…:smack:

Scrambled eggs and jelly, grape jelly is usually the best.

I also like butter and sugar on my grits. This may not seem like a ‘just wrong’ thing but it is if you are from the south like I am originally.