What do we know about Cecil?

I don’t see how that proves anything :confused:

Or a benevolent immortal cyborg were-vampire!

I saw a picture of “Ed” once, but it was almost twenty years ago and I don’t remember it very well.

Seems to me there wasn’t a lot of hair on him.

Excellent, that is exactly the kind of information I was hoping to extract from his writings. Despite the insistense on Ed is Cecil (I couldn’t care less even if Cecil were Martha Stewart or that guy who plays Will in Will and Grace). Whenever I read an author I try to see how much of his own life he left aside. That is easier with Cecil because we have his writings online and because he doesn’t write fiction (or does he?).

His wife is generously gifted in the chest region.

Sorry, the link is NOT to a picture.

Just as telling as what Cecil says is what he doesn’t say. In 30 years of columns, he has never once referred to holding down any other type of professional job or having any sort of technical degree. Most likely his only career has been as a writer, and we can be certain that he has published more than just the Straight Dope, which would hardly have kept him alive before the advent of the books and this mega-lucrative message board :slight_smile: ! Perhaps the need to maintain a separate identity accounts for his reluctance in revealing more of himself. (The persona of Cecil Adams may be inconsistent with his other writing endeavors.) Maybe, just maybe, he’s nearing an age when he can afford to retire from whatever else he does and finally be able to reveal himself in the flesh.