What do you call a single drop of sleet?

My husband calls it hail even if it’s wet, and really is in the “sleet” bucket. (Like, it often rains during hailstorms, too.)

Ice pellets is what we call it.

Central Indiana native use of terms sleet, hail, etc. :

Sleet: frozen raindrops in cold weather. They may be by themselves or mixed with rain, but the ice pellets are the sleet.

Hail: Occurs during thunderstorms, often in mid-summer. The ice pieces are layered and sometimes much larger than sleet pellets.

Wintry mix: rain mixed with snow.

Freezing rain: liquid rain that freezes on impact. This can be quite beautiful and even more damaging. The best bet for getting a day out of school!

Regarding the PNW and icy weather terminology, I’m reminded of a variation on “freezing rain”. Often times there’d be a period of really cold weather and a Pacific system moves in. So there’s rain high up and very cold stuff near the ground. So a lot of stuff is covered with beautiful but nasty ice. As the front continues thru, it warms up and stuff starts to melt.

This was called a “silver thaw”.

A slit.