What do you do about people blocking the passing lane?

Yes! This is my solution. I also match their speed so that they cannot merge into the right lane to exit. I always act completely oblivious that they are trying to merge into the right lane by pretending to talk on the phone or singing to the radio… When they slow down to 10-15 miles per hour on the highway trying (in vain) to pull in behind me, hilarity always ensues.

Depends on where you are. I’ve been told it can be considered “aggressive driving”, like tailgating.

I’m glad you think being an even bigger asshole is so hilarious.

This is about the only thing that causes me to get all road ragey, especially on the interstate.

When I get in front of them, and I will get in front eventually, I cut over in front and tap my brakes and sometimes give them the finger.

I know it’s immature and assholish but goddamn how hard is it to obey this simple rule?

It’s not even all about my inconvenience either, look around you and observe how this one assnugget is affecting all of the other lanes as well. It causes a domino or slinky effect that screws over everybody within 100 yards of them.

You in front! You’re not a special snow flake nor are you an arbiter of the speed limit. It doesn’t matter if you are going the speed limit. Move the fuck over.

Thanx dickweed,


The last time someone retired in the left lane of a 3 lane road during rush hour I applied pressure to the center of the steering wheel until the problem went away.

I was once stuck begun a guy on the interstate in the left lane. I couldn’t pass in the right lane, because there was another car there and he was keeping pace with it. For at least ten miles I waited patiently and flashed my lights from a safe distance but he would not speed up or slow down. Finally, as at least 20 cars were stacked up behind us, I rode his bumper and laid on my horn. Not a beep - I held the horn down for minutes.

It was dark, so I couldn’t see what his deal was. There was something deeply satisfying about sounding the horn once I broke ten seconds and kept right on at it.

If no one is in the right lane I’ll just pop over and pass them if there is someone there I assume that they are there trying to pass so I give them space and accelerate once they pull over. If they are just being idiots as soon as I can I’ll pass them on the right and then cut them off once I get by them.

People who think they get to decide the speed limit should be shot in the head.

That’s cool to hear,Daylate. I drive to Spokane, WA once a week and it’s amazing how much worse the traffic gets just over the state line.

Drive in the right lane, pass in the left. If you’ve got more than two lanes, pick one that suits your speed and leave the left open for passing and the right open for entering/exiting.

I generally just dont worry about passing.

People are their own worst enemies sometimes.


Sorry, but this is far worse than someone going slowly in the left lane. You’re a greater menace by far.

At this point, I’ve already passed them on the right, and they’re a distant speck in my mirror. If the right lane is open, I’m not hanging out behind them for even a moment. Why would I?

And I’ll join the “what do you mean by you can’t see?” chorus.

Well, I was expecting that.

Crappy inattentive drivers are the menace. I didn’t say I slammed on my brakes, I tap them, flip them the bird just to let them know that I care and then move on.

I won’t put up with people who think they don’t have to follow the rules like everybody else.

When I become a Billionaire, my first act of public service will be to rent billboards along highways all over the country, emblazoned with something I’ve been saying for 15 years or more;

If you are being passed on the Right,
You are in the wrong.

Call the cops to have them pulled over? Good gravy. And I thought blowing up their car with my rocket launcher was extreme.

Seriously. What the fuck?

Well, most people driving have heard of it, which means that people often lane-change left to right while going slower, and leaving smaller margins, than they would going the other way. They’re not expecting somebody to be racing up on their right. And there are some who will cut off a right-side-passer on purpose, to make the point.

So I definitely think passing on the right is more dangerous, for the passer, than passing on the left.

I’ll do it myself sometimes, with caution, but I give people a lot of time to sort themselves according to the convention first. One advantage to driving a big truck is that only the most oblivious drivers fail to notice me behind them.

Our family car is british, and it has “rear fog lights” that come on with a touch of a button. Rear fog lights are identical to brake lights. When I’m being tailgated, it is a rare pleasure to maintain my speed *and *flick on the rear fog lights. From their perspective, I’ve just SLAMMED on my brakes. They freak out, and I magically rocket away at the exact same speed we were traveling.

My wife gives me a stern look whenever I do this, but I’m reveling too much in the rare luxury of an evil laugh to care.

Or you could simply do the old Pacman swallow. Race down the highway and consume every car in your path.

YEAH…SURE… The Left Lane Loser is sooooo frigging worried about safety, and he/she has got a mile long convoy of frustrated tailgaters who can’t get around them because there is someone blocking the right lane as well, and even if I retired to the right lane, unless I completely dropped my speed to dangerously low levels or pulled over completely, I am stuck in the highway cluster fuck of reality = it’s dangerous to me, even if I get to the right lane and forget about trying to pass.

Yes, TECHNICALLY, the left lane loser isn’t doing anything wrong if they live in a state that allows it, or even in a state that allows it to the speed limit… but we’re MANY DECADES into this experiment of who is right TECHNICALLY, but it’s REALITY that rules, and reality is done experimenting:



This is not always true. It has happened to me that I was passing a car on the left, but not as fast as the car behind me would like. Then the car behind me zooms around me on the right as soon as physically possible. I think this is dangerous, and I’m not in the wrong for getting a safe distance ahead of the car in the right lane before moving over.

But what you did isn’t following the rules either. I’m left confused.