What do you do if you find a gun in a plane's bathroom?

To answer the OP - alert a flight attendant, and don’t get fingerprints on the gun. Maybe TSA will claim you brought it aboard.

So you’d just let her think you’re happy to see her?

Put me in the ‘don’t touch the gun, step outside, block the door, flag a flight attendant’ group. If I notice the call button - might be too flustered to do so - I’d punch that as I stepped out. If there wasn’t a flight attendant close by or where I could easily signal them, I’d ask the nearest passenger to call an attendant if I hadn’t punched the button inside the lav.

Nah, but if you ever are in a position to do ‘finders keepers’ on a gun that someone’s left behind like that, I hope it’s not on an airplane!

I just remember back in the 1980s when so many planes were hijacked to Cuba. At some time back in the early 80s, my cousin saw a guy with a gun in the bathroom at the Miami airport.

Did he admire his weapon?

Two possibilities: 1) a careless air marshal left it there. I personally would doubt it. 2) Terrorist A left it there for Terrorist B to pick up. Fearing #2, I stay in the bathroom, no way am I letting Terrorist B get hold of it. Press the emergency attendant button and the calmly explain the situation. Hopefully, they will request an emergency landing. If there is one gun there may be more, why take a chance?

So, coming out of the bathroom and yelling “Did anyone leave a gun in here?” is not the right answer? :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that the best answer has been given, how about a secondary choice (behind “hey free gun!”):

Using gloves or some material to not leave fingerprints, disassemble gun and stuff down toilet. Maybe it’ll teach the absent-minded air marshal to pay more attention. :slight_smile:

Nice. In the article I linked to, the absent-minded air marshal didn’t notify her superiors until several days after it happened - and she also got to keep her job. Stuffing her gun down the toilet might have enforced more serious consequences for her.

OTOH, suppose that later on in the flight the marshal realizes her gun is not on her, and goes back to the bathroom to look for it. Upon not finding it, she might inform the flight crew, which might result in an emergency landing and a whole lot of inconvenience for everyone on the plane: passengers and carry-on luggage would be searched inch by inch, as would the emptied cabin. I wonder how long it would take before they even think of looking in the sewage tanks…

I grab the gun, jump out of the laboratory and yell “All right, everyone be cool this is a robbery. Any of you fucking pricks move and I’ll execute every motherfucking last one of ya…”
“Just kidding!”

Watch out for that guy in the dirty wifebeater and no shoes …

I know, right. If this were the plot of a movie, the flight attendant would be an improbably attractive female and she’d come in, look concerned, then grab the gun and suddenly be a villain.

The air marshal wasn’t placed on leave for leaving her loaded gun in the bathroom! I would had also had pushed the call button and let the flight attendant handle the gun . Thanks goodness the ‘right’ person discovered the gun in the bathroom. Didn’t a boy recently also find a gun on a plane?

I’m used to handling guns, but wouldn’t touch anything in the room except for the call button. Then I’d stand outside the room, door closed tightly behind me, and wait for the attendant to arrive, as calmly as possible. Because I just know my eyes would be bugging out, and it would be less alarming for me to tell her (?) that there was a gun on the other side of the closed door behind me.

My civic duty having been fulfilled, I’d then make it halfway back to my seat before proceeding to run in place screaming like a turkey.

I’m half tempted to say “clear it and flush the ammo down the toilet”. That way, whatever happens, nobody is getting shot today by that gun. Problem is, that puts your prints and DNA on the weapon, and you really want to stay out of this. When the police investigation starts the moment you touch down, you’re going to be questioned. At the start of that investigation, the police have exactly 1 suspect - you. As stupid as it sounds - if it was your gun, why would you have told anyone? - plenty of people have ended up going to prison for less.

  1. Safely unload gun
  2. Since most likely semi auto, quickly break down gun
  3. disperse gun parts in various pockets and other areas
  4. Quietly return to seat, enjoy flight.
  5. Unboard, leave airport, go home
  6. Profit!! Free gun!
  7. Flight Marshall gets new job as Walmart door greeter, because he/she has to explain where their firearm is.

This is correct answer yes?

Fourthed. As I see it, it’s a win-win all around: I get a free gun; and either (1.) an incompetent air marshal gets called out, or (2.) a terrorist expecting to find a gun waiting in the restroom doesn’t get it.

How about you flush the ammo and take the firing pin or some other crucial part. If you get caught later with the complete set of parts to a firearm on you, it’s going to be hard to explain. A pistol worth a few hundred bucks is not worth risking your freedom over, but taking just key components means that you don’t have a functional weapon on you, and neither does whoever it belonged to. Heh, google how to disassemble that model on the in-flight internet.

I’d do the same as you. I do know how to handle guns, but I’m not putting my hands on one I find in a place it shouldn’t be.

I’m sure that I’d do the wrong thing.

(I was influenced by movies with Wesley Snipes, Bruce Willis, and Liam Neeson at a formative age.)