What do you do with your cats at night?

Mine goes to the laundry room downstairs every night.

That’s where his food and litter box live.

I also feed him when I go to bed. Sometimes he’s all up in my grill a little earlier than I’d like to go to bed, but he’s never yowling for breakfast when I’d rather be sleeping.


Wish I’d thought of feeding kitty right before I go to bed. Duh!

I was smart enough to train the dog that we don’t get walkies first thing in the morning, nor late at night. I chose mid-afternoon (right after work) for Walkies Time™ and that turned out to be a great idea. Except that it rains every day around that time, in the summer time here, so I take a lot of “romantic” walks in the rain.


When we go to bed, the cats come with. This morning I woke up with Caelan snugged up against my upper back, Pixel behind my knees, Havoc stretched out between us, and Brindle tucked behind the wife’s knees. One big happy family.

Yes. My husband doesn’t want the cats to roam the house unsupervised at night, so they are always confined to either the laundry room or the screened porch.

The laundry room is small, and Bruno is able to reach the doorknob, so he rattles it (sometimes turns it!) He also pulls the edge of the door so it thrums in the frame. Also, he howls!

The porch has been a viable option for the last few months, but we’re starting to have trouble again as the weather cools down. They have a warm shelter, but when it gets really cold that probably won’t be enough. Also, the porch connects to our bedroom by a sliding glass door, which means Bruno can claw at the glass right there where we can hear it really good. Also, he howls!

Shakes: My husband won’t go for the ceiling fan idea. However, I still think the idea of wearing the cats out has some possibilities.

Enola Gay: More pets, heaven forbid!

brainstall, Nzinga: I like the heated bed idea.

h4ckys4ck: I like the roomba idea too.

redtail23: I can see you really grasp the magnitude of the problem! I’d be happy to boot his furry ass out to the garage, but my husband won’t go for it. (cats scratching cars, messing with his tools, etc.)

phouka: My husband is trying to train Bruno not to summon us at night, by being the one who always answers the summons and scaring the shit out of him. I’m pretty sure Bruno can out-stubborn Mr. Beetle. Not to mention that a grouchy, sleep-deprived Mr. Beetle is going to be hard on all of us!

perfectparanoia: I’ve been sleeping with a pillow over my head for years.

Chimera: Are you ever tempted to not open the box?

TruCelt: Thanks for the coupon! :smiley:

you with the face, Dogzilla, Palo Verde, Sattua: Would you like two more cats?

Whoa, nice pictures.

I forgot to mention I’m feeding these cats four times a day! Kitty breakfast is at 7:00, as late as possible before I go to work. I believe I’m going to phase it out altogether, which will be difficult for a while, but I’ve got little left to lose at this point.


They’re outdoor-only cats. The best kind. :slight_smile:

I have always seemed to be able to break my cats of bugging me early in the morning by just being rude to them, shoving them off the bed with open palm or leg, sometimes hissing at them, until they eventually catch on that I am not to be disturbed at 4am. There is no reward for it other than a quick angry shove.

My indoor-only cats (9 and 12 years old, respectively) have the run of house.

There are a couple places they’re not allowed, such as the kitchen counters and the computer desk. But beyond that, wherever.

At night, my cat tends to sleep in my doorway, as if guarding me from intruders. It’s probably more likely that he wants to be the first one to know when I get up. :wink:

When he hears me stirring, he jumps up on the bed and meows at me until I finally sit up and pet him. He’s going to be doing a lot more of that in the near future, I think; I have a Therapy Lite for SAD and it’s starting to get to be about the time of year to use it. My cat LOVES that thing.

Sometimes the cats play at night. I wish I could say they play quietly, but that would be a lie. One of them weighs 17lb, the other 12lb, and they both meow at each other from room to room. It’s a good thing our downstairs neighbors have never complained. :slight_smile:

We’ve never let the cats into the room, the door has been closed from the first day we adopted them as kittens. Occasionally, if we stay up late and laugh and talk in bed, someone will sadly meow under the door, but only once or twice. I enjoy having one room without any cat fur.

I have never heard them at night!

Good Lord no. Took me 15 years to train this one! :wink:

We close our bedroom doors at night and that works fine for me. Sometimes my wife gets awoken by some light door scratching on the weekends, but I sleep like a dead pig.

Our boys get locked up in the office every night. During the day, they’re essentially allowed run of the house (except for our bedroom, from which they are always banned). Cuthbert couldn’t care less where we are at night (or any other time), but Bertram wants to be where we are, and when we tried just letting them roam freely while we slept, Bertram would scratch and claw at our door and the surrounding carpet (guess we won’t be getting that security deposit back), so we started putting them in their own room at night.

It used to be a real chore to round them up in the evening and put them in the room, which they were not fond of. But jsgoddess eventually figured out that if the once-a-day can of wet food should just happen to be walked up to the office around the same time every evening, the boys were quite anxious to follow it, humans be damned. They will occasionally spend a couple of minutes yowling about being locked in after they’ve filled their bellies, but this doesn’t last long, and they settle down to sleep pretty quickly.

I never had much trouble with my cats when I had them. They usually slept at the foot of the bed. When they were younger sometimes they’d get bottle caps out of the trash and play shuffle board in the bathtub. A few times they pounced on my feet but I found if I tucked the sheet in really tight at the foot of the bed and gave the top of the sheet a quick tug the cats would bounce right off the bed and onto the floor. So, mess with mom’s feet you land on the floor. Mostly they would just settle down and sleep, Stormy somewhere behind my knees and Whiskey would curl around my head and I’d have to hold my hand up by my face so he could suck my thumb. Later I got Saudi kitty, he had to sleep in the floor, he purred so loud he made the bed vibrate. My dog Chauncey hated cats, so Saudi would usually flop on top of Chauncey.

After hearing about all these well-behaved cats, I’m thinking maybe option 3 should be exorcism. :eek:

I’ve been looking at these cages today…expensive, but it might just save his little life.

So many different cat experiences/behaviors – probably as many as there are cats and cat people.

Our two cats had the run of the house (except for kitchen counters) and the food bowls (dry food) were filled once a day (placed on a shelf where the dog couldn’t reach it). Maybe freedom and food were their main priorities, because they never bugged us at bedtime. I treasure undisturbed sleep, so if there had been a problem, the cats would have been restricted to the basement. It sounds cruel, but it’s a nice basement.

Cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy (of My Cat From Hell) strongly recommends wearing them out. Birdie on a stick should do nicely. If you haven’t seen his show, watch it. It makes me appreciate my 6 cats’ good behavior.

Nothing. They’re not allowed in the bedrooms or outdoors, and never have been, so they don’t pester anyone to come in or go out. Most mornings I find them on the recliners in the living room, sleeping.

We have a cat with a similar problem - she howls and thumps and mewls at the bedroom door all night long. We had to get a canister of Ssscat cat repellent* to keep her away from the door (the aluminum didn’t work).

(We don’t let the cats sleep with us all night because one or the other or both will be walking around, making noise, bugging us, and knocking things off night tables in the wee hours.)

*I see you can’t buy any online at the moment, but maybe your local pet store can help you out.

Before bed I run them off their asses with a Da Bird toy then I feed them. They’re out for hours.

One cat usually sleeps on the bed (either on my feet or on my wife’s). One will often come up to visit for a few minutes, but she usually sleeps downstairs at night and claims the bed during the daytime. The third cat is blind, or nearly so (my wife thinks she can distinguish between light and dark), and usually only comes upstairs in the morning to enquire about breakfast.

It’s easy to tell which one is arriving on the bed - the first one lands quite lightly (sometimes I don’t even realise he’s there until he starts walking on me), the second weighs about 20 pounds and lands heavily, and the third one can’t see to jump, so she has to climb up onto the bed instead.