What exactly happens when you fall from a height?

I lived in the apartment directly below him. He had some people over and they were partying and dancing on the balcony. I popped out to get some beer and when I returned minutes later, that’s what I came across. I’m not sure of the exact circumstances, but he must have been standing on a chair at the time, otherwise it would have been impossible to tumble over the railing, unless he was purposely dangling over it.

I wrote some time ago here about a girl in my high school who fell from a 2nd floor apartment balcony during a party. She’d been sitting side-saddle on the railing facing inwards and somehow tipped over backwards. That’s probably about what happened in Leaffan’s story.

Our girl ended up a little brain damaged = mildly retarded and with a slightly crooked face but was otherwise uninjured. This was just from a 2nd story railing to face first on a sidewalk. It gets worse rapidly as you start from higher up.

Why not just have the guy dive, as he would into a swimming pool?

One prisoner managed to kill himself by diving off the top bunk.
The trick was to ensure that he landed on the crown of his head.
Humans have an innate instinct (yes, redundant) to reach up and block the impact.
He solved that problem by tying his hands behind his back. I have no idea where I saw this story, so no link.

Move the damned office building to SF and use the bridge - instant interest. Bridge jumpers get their fifte… well, two minutes of glory.

being morbidly curious, I went and looked this reference up. I didn’t link to the photo directly since it is kinda … disturbing in a non graphic way… anyway spoilered the link to the blog where I found it since there are some unsettling images on the home page.

The accompanying text with the photo said

That blog was the most fascinating waste of time I’ve encountered in a long time.
At any rate, if you want to look here is the spoilered link to the site

Hopefully that gives the OP something to work with for the story

yeah, right? I don’t know why many suicide jumpers don’t do this. Some are stupid enough jump legs first intentionally.

I was just wondering if somehow they end up doing a full somersault in the air causing them to fall in other ways than the head. That is why I was thinking of making the character tie a jacket filled with stones. Wonder if it will actually work in 3 seconds.

but the character is in India :slight_smile:

he is a typical “IT guy” with a thick Indian accent.

I also did a lot of research on what poisons are available in India. Turns out that there is something called “Aluminium Phosphide” which is pretty deadly and quite easily available as a pesticide. It takes about 4 hours to die from that, and it is pretty certain.
It’s also pretty famous, so readers will be able to relate to it immediately.

They have something called “curry” that can be awfully deadly.

That’s not poison that’s a bio weapon.

(Potentially delicious one.)