What (if anything) is good about rural America?

It also turns white fur pink.

We found that a vinegar/water solution, followed by a bath with lots of pet shampoo, works pretty good.

Nature’s Miracle skunk descenter actually works. And the bath’s not even necessary; a great advantage when one’s about to be late somewhere and needs to put the dog in the house before leaving.

Caveat: said story’s from a number of years ago. I don’t know whether they’ve changed the formula; though I don’t know any good reason why they would have, the stuff was amazing.

Best recipe - 1 qt. hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda, 1 tbsp Dawn dish soap. Do not store in a closed container. Wash dog, let mixture stand in their coat 10 minutes, & rinse. Very effective, I’ve used it many times. Double recipe for larger dogs.

My observation is that there is a HUGE difference between rural–but close to a large MSA and rural–but isolated from large MSA’s.

You can be 2-3 hours out of LA and be in a very rural environment; if you define “rural” as “low density”.
Ditto, any major metro MSA.
Some of these are “gentlemen’s ranches”.
Some are very, very high priced and modern luxuries are very close.
Think Santa Ynez valley above Santa Barbara, yah know–where M Jackson’s “ranch” was.
Also: Think Jackson, WY–at one time the second priciest ZIP code in the US.
You want to live in the Rockies above Boulder? Yup, that’s rural.
Beautiful, good infrastructure, ART & “culcha” very close.

However, that is a completely different situation than a rural (e.g.) West Virginia, which may be four hours away from a medium sized MSA (Charlotte, NC–ranking 22 in size). Nearly inescapable poverty, no infrastructure. Horrible. And much bigger problems than Trump advocacy, guns and religion. You are looking at 3-4 generations of rural poor that have NO HOPE.

I find many of these value judgements of people that have commented here enlightening–and emblematic of the problems that we face as a nation.

People complaining about “nothing to do”, no “art or music”, no “Indian food”, “not easy to travel”, “nothing but chain restaurants”–I am literally disgusted.

And you call yourselves “liberals”.

Do you have any–ANY–idea what it is like to live there?


A skunk once died on the roof of a three story building I worked in (two floors plus basement). All the ventilation ducts were on the roof. They sent us home for the day.

Having worked in many places, ones more distant from cities and with few amenities might be called “remote” instead of rural. In Northern Canada, the price of simple food in such places can be astronomical.