What if God WERE one of us, moron!

Actually, Christianity teaches us that God and Jesus ARE one of us-“Whatsoever you do to the least of my brother, that you do unto me.”

I like that song quite a lot. Then again, I sang Billy Don’t be a Hero and almost got banned at karaoke last week. Different tastes, man.


Why was that directed at me? Have I indicated in some way that I adhere to some sort of Monophysitism, Docetism, or Apollinarianism?

I already know that Christianity teaches that Jesus was one of us, it’s right there in the creed I recite at every mass. Just read my second post in this thread :slight_smile: Anyway, you’re behind the curve–the OP explicitly says that. Homebrew will be along any time to tell you that you’re “6 or 7” hours late.

I’m fairly certain I’m not Jesus since not only have I never been to Chicago, I’ve also never been tied up in New Orleans.

Not quite. When dealing with if clauses, you only use the subjunctive if what you are describing is contrary to established fact. Otherwise you should be using the indicative. The thorniness of the “god walked among us” question puts this one up in the air grammatically. If you’re an atheist, it’s subjunctive, but if you’re not, it’s indicative.

If you’re going to criticize somebody for not following archaic rules of grammar, make sure you’ve got them down yourself first.


I don’t understand the holy trinity thing enough to argue, so I think we’re safe.

lieu, try to stay abreast of things, hmmm? Jesus just left Chicago.

Right, but ya can’t leave if ya ain’t never been there in the first place.

If god was one of us, someone would have killed him by now.

Oh, wait…

Am I the only one having the Life of Brian flashback here? You know the scene where the Roman centurion finds Brian writing anti-Roman slogans in bad Latin and proceeds to give him a grammar lesson?

Hail Ceasar. If it’s not done by sunrise, I’ll cut your balls off.

And that’s a Dada poem. :slight_smile:

Aside from the grammar question, which I don’t recall being addressed, we did this one back in 1999.

No Tuckerfan, you’re not. :smiley:

whats really funny is that crappy ass song made all the playlists when all the good songs she did were never heard by anyone.

I think Guinastasia and Kalashnikov had the important points I’d have to make here (aside from the virtually irrelevant grammar fact that “if” always introduces a clause in the subjunctive, even when it introduces a clause not contrary to fact. Elizabeth II would have to say, “If I were the Queen…” not
“If I was…” even though she is.

But the key point here is that **the Christians (taken as a group) are to blame for the misinterpretation going on. Jesus according to the teachings about Him did not spend His time standing on a pedestal and being worshipped; He went about trying to do right by people, particularly the people that the religious establishment of the day considered as losers. And more than any other single thing, that was the reason they had Him killed – because He threatened to upset the applecart in which they were in the catbird seat (to mix metaphors thoroughly).

I have my hunches that He is back, and reading this board. Despite what Spong says about the improbability of the Second Coming and what the evangelicals have to say about how He’s supposed to return.

Because He was, and is, one of us – and we are supposed, according to His own teachings, to treat every other person as if they were Him. (And more atheists than Christians seem to be doing that, IMHO.)

Hey, I’ll agree that it’s irrelevant, but the OP tries to make it relevant, and if you’re gonna do that, you have to get it right.

If does not always introduce a clause in the subjunctive, that can as well… “I insist that the OP be regarded as incorrect.” Furthermore, there are subjunctive clauses not introduced by anything. Perish the thought!

Now again, for if clauses, you only use the subjunctive if you’re stating a counterfactual conditional. Otherwise you use the indicative. Queen Elizabeth II should say “If I was the Queen” not “If I were the Queen” because in fact she is the Queen, so the statement isn’t counterfactual. If she says “If I were the King, I’d marry me right away” then it’s all good, because she isn’t the King.

Pick up any grammar book and look it up.


Newton Meter, it wasn’t so much directed at you as that your post looked to me like a good lead in for my point.


I think the Second Coming happened a long time ago-Jesus has been here the whole time.
He’s in everyone-a part of us all, and so, we have to treat one another as if we’re interacting with Jesus.

So, what if the Queen was one of us? Would she be amused?

No, you’re supposed to use… nevermind.