What if KSM's defense team subpoenas Bush?

That ain’t gonna save his sole.

This isn’t really directed at the OP, who appears to be asking a genuine and innocent question. But I feel compelled to offer this mini-rant because this is about the third or fourth similar question I’ve read in my morning jaunt around the internet. What if KSM’s associates kidnap the Judge? What if he’s found not guilty? What if he subpoenas important people? What if he learns the juror’s identities? WHAT IF?

Putting aside that we’ve tried people in nearly identical circumstances to KSM before, these are questions that apply to every criminal trial. You think the mob doesn’t try to intimidate witnesses and jurors? You think people don’t try to subpoena Obama every single day? A third of the civil rights complaints I read try to depose either the Governor of a state or someone in the White House.

It may come as a surprise to people that the courts are actually prepared for that kind of thing. Some of the people arguing against this, including some congressmen, appear to either be against criminal trials generally or believe that terrorists are some kind of supermen who might use their laser-eyes on the bailiff. Pew pew pew!

You rant in an entirely civilized manner, RP. :wink: