What is extremely common in TV or movies but almost never happens in real life?

However, there are some models of police cruisers with reinforced doors offered. I can’t imagine them using glass for this purpose.

On deployment I’ve been in “non-tactical” vehicles with ballistic glass. Its very thick and heavy. You can’t roll down the windows.

The foot chase on the roof of a train. As Lana pointed out in an episode of Archer, it’s stupid because ultimately you’re still on the train.

It’s the difference between “cover” and “concealment”. Cover provides a physical barrier between you and the shooter while concealment obstructs their view.

But in the movies, unless it is shown to be a particularly powerful gun that can blast through car doors, cars are shown as having the stopping power of a tank. Unless they explode (which they also don’t do IRL).

The inverse of that trope is bullets zipping through the water killing people several feet below the surface. In reality, water does a really good job of stopping bullets because it’s heavy and doesn’t compress.

I’ve been to three of them - one for my grandmother, one for my father-in-law, and one for a friend of mine that died this last September. Father-in-law was Christian. We watched the coffin being lowered into the grave. Grandmother and friend were Jewish. Coffins lowered and the “scoops of dirt” weren’t ceremonial - they were three full shovels per person.

Probably more common among Jews than some others, definitely not universal among Christians.

Yep, Father-in-law was a veteran and graveside was where this was done. My husband (his step-son) also played bagpipes for the funeral. In many ways his step-father was kinder to him than his biological father. 'Cause alcoholism is a monster.

Three guns fired seven times, so “21 guns”. Maybe 21 at once is for HoS?

Modern grave digging does, actually, wind up pretty squared off although yes, soil type is a factor.

There definitely a way to pull the straps back up, I’ve seen it done, but I’m not aware of the details of how it is done.

I recently saw a video of the reburial of Richard III and it looked like they just tossed the straps in after him. But then, he was a king of England so maybe he gets special treatment.

For a king you can splurge and literally throw in the straps.

Yes, in most cases those straps get pulled out – you grab one end and haul it through under the coffin.

A waterbed might stop a high speed round.

Bitch of a time getting it on-end though.

I’ve been present for the burial of two of our horses. Retrieving the straps after the excavator dug the hole and put the horse in the hole was actually a bit difficult. An end of one strap was hooked to the excavator bucket and pulled/jerked repeatedly until retrieved. Then the next strap was similarly removed.

Sounds odd. Especially if the coffin isn’t resting directly on them (putting down a couple of boards helps) the straps ought to slip right out.

Hehe… I should have thought to put Mack in a coffin.

Were you deployed against lava?

If you shoot someone two times in their general chest area they will always die IMMEDIATELY. So for example if you’re a terrorist and shoot a cop twice in the chest with a silenced pistol he will literally immediately die without even making a single sound to warn his nearby friends.

I just watched an episode of Jag where terrorists killed like 30 people on a Naval base with two shots to the chest each and somehow nobody else heard anything.

I’ve seen ones where the woman was pleased (now she can take that new job/start her own business or some such) about a negative result, but none where giddy. But I’ve never seen one where the woman was disappointed with the result, be it positive or negative. Guess that they think that won’t move product.

Unless it’s the hero.

In which case they get shot in the shoulder only. They maintain full use of that arm (cf Indiana Jones), and recover fully within days, with no physical consequences.

Actually I was thinking they die from the chest wound but like long enough for expositories, I <3 U, take care of my brother, etc. Just saw that last week.

I have been pallbearer at two different funerals where we manually lowered the coffin into the grave, for one there was a service in a church, at the end of that service mourners filed past the coffin and placed flowers and/or a sprig of Rosemary, for the other the service was at the grave site, in both cases once the coffin was lowered into the grave mourners filed past and dropped a handful of dirt into the grave

Yeah, but Indiana Jones only sustained a flesh wound in the left arm. Just the meat. No structural damage, unless you count the punches he took in it afterwards.

I’m not suggesting that getting shot in the arm isn’t serious. But the meaty part of the bicep is different from the shoulder.

No kid in my neighborhood ever hit a baseball through a window. Yours? But give some kids a baseball and a bat on TV…

I didn’t hit a baseball through a window but I did hit a croquet ball through a window.

A_B, did you have to pay for the window out of your allowance, or did you have to do some chores that led to humorous hijinks?