What is legally 21?

Despite numerous examples of three months not being 91 days? I’m unsure of your basis for that, since not all months are precisely 30 1/3 days long. You also realize that there are 365.2422 days in a year, and about 23 hours 56 minutes 4 seconds in a day, right? There’s not even the so claimed 60 seconds in a minute, depending on which definition you use.

On what basis do you argue that point? I mean there’s all sorts of things that can overrule the factual. Legal definitions, religious definition, common use definition, and so on. It’d help if you’d clarify what definitions you’re basing your argument on, since they are neither legal, scientific, religious, or even common use as far as I’m aware. If you have your own non-standard definitions, feel free to share those as well.

Ooh, me too! How’d I miss this thread back then?