What is the definition of a "Genius"

I have no affliiation with dictionary.com, but it is a truly wonderous website. Never let it be said…

…I agree, it’s a terrific resource. It’s right at my fingertips whenever I have an internet connection. But for settling disputes, I feel more established bodies of knowledge should be used. I think dictionary.com sometimes includes new meanings of words that aren’t quite accepted as standard definitions.

You may not, but your ability to look up words in the dictionary then look them with ‘thesaurus’ on Dictionary.com only points to an inexperienced linquist. Example:

Sigh they are separate.

Genius, plural genii or genuises do have different meanings. Genii is simply one who influences another.

You say:

Anyone can read dictionary.com and get

Doesn’t seem like you like anyone’s answers but your own.

Antiquarian. Thanks for the input.

let’s consider the issue closed.