What Is The Gay Equivalent For The Expression 'P*ssy-Whipped'?

We’ve all heard the expression ‘p*ssy-whipped’ to describe a man who is completely controlled by his female partner who withholds from him sexually in order to get what she wants.

Is there an equivalent term for a gay man who is completely controlled by his partner? What is it??


I think I’ve heard “dick whipped” used to refer to women controlled by men, and although I guess that could apply to a gay couple, probably the gay community has some more clever and less derivative.

I’ve heard:


“Bottom,” or “submissive.” Those might be specific to the sexual aspect of the relationship, though.

Yeah, that’s a sexual term that some who are interested in D/S (dominance and submission) use - note that this term has counterparts in the straight D/S scene. Nothing related to the OP, really. If there is any gay equivalent to “pussy-whipped”, I’ve never heard it.

Trust me, gay men would have no qualms about embracing a female engendered term without translation (e.g., ‘queen’).

Thus, it’s ‘pussy whipped’ for gay men, too.




What about the gender neutral “whipped,” which (from my experience at least), is much more often used than “pussy-whipped.”

You must be spending a lot of time in Christian, mixed, and genteel company. The ‘pussy’ is often dropped because it’s a not-so-pleasant moniker of the female genitalia. In locker room parlance and on premium channel cable TV, it is not dropped.


I’ve heard whipped/dickwhipped/cockwhipped before. Whipped being the more common of 'em.

The one used to refer to women is, apparently, C*ck-slapped; Maybe the gay community uses it, too? Or I’d expect their version to have developed among the BDSM set, & to be more violpent in nature.

No, we don’t talk to each other like that.

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