What Is The Going Rate For "Allowance" These Days?

I give my five and six year olds a dollar a week, if they have a clean room. They can earn more by doing more. We have also offered them a 401k to encourage saving. My six year old wants some gameboy games, so hubby said he’ll contribute a dollar for each dollar saved. He’s saving very well and doing math in his head to figure out how much he’ll have if he earns this much more or that much more and it doubles. Daughter on the other hand goes straight to the dollar store, buys a piece of junk which promptly breaks, and spends the rest of the week complaining that she doesn’t have anymore money. But that’s why they only get a dollar, it’s enough to get something they like, but not so much that I’d be pissed if it’s wasted.
I’ll have to raise it soon, though.

I give my 14 year old 50.00 around the first of every month. He pays for his WOW account, along with what he does when ‘hanging out’ with his buddies. He pays for movies, school lunches and trips to Great America (I bought him a season pass). I think his father gives him additional but have not really discussed it with either of them (we’re divorced).

Chores are not tied to allowance; everyone who lives in this house is expected to chip in. We’re a family, that’s what families do.