What is the most famous present-day object that can be seen only in person (no photographs exist)?

Markedly, it was the location of a task on The Amazing Race a couple of seasons ago.

The Metropolis restoration has been released on DVD and Blu-Ray on November 16, 2010.

Obama’s birth certificate?

So the contents of your dreams are famous? :dubious:

I assume he walks about among us, incognito. Perhaps using another name.

Suppose I dream of someone painting a moustache on the famous Mona Lisa painting. This cannot be photographed.

Marcel Duchamp beat you to that dream

Sorry, you COULDN’T take you own photos.

Kim Il Sung may be the best bet, then.

Do photographs exist of the interior of the Kaaba?

Good point. Lenin’s embalmed body is similar - you can go in, but no cameras are allowed (you leave them at the desk, then pick them back up after). Unlike Kim Il Sung however, I think that pictures of Lenin in his glass casket do exist. What about Mao Zedong?

Interesting funny about Lenin’s casket: to get to it, you go down a flight of stairs, then make a sharp right-hand turn into the viewing area. But the granite walls are so highly polished, and the whole area rather dark (except for the casket, *that’s *got some amazing theatre style lighting, let me tell you) that it’s kind of difficult to see where you’re supposed to go. When Mom and I went through, two older ladies directly in front of us ran straight into the wall. Which was kind of helpful, actually; saved me and Mom from doing the exact same thing.

After they collected themselves, much giggling was had, by both the ladies and everyone who’d seen the “bump.” Which aggravated the somber guards a bit; they all frowned at us. Which led to more giggles. Not exactly the atmosphere they wanted.

Isn’t this a photo of Kim Il Sung’s body?

Yes. (and video)

<Family Fortunes Buzzer Sound>

Unless you believe Inception was a documentary, the average joe could not see your moustached Mona Lisa in person. Nor is a dream an object.

Everyone is theoretically capable of seeing their own version of a moustached Mona Lisa in their dreams. The Mona Lisa is an object within a dream.

Ah, I see what you mean, but I’m afraid I’m going to make the buzzer sound again.


Everyone’s version of the moustache in their dream would be different, so it’s not the same object. Handlebar or Salvidor Dali?

This is pretty much going to cover the whole question.

Things that can be seen by an average member of the general public generally don’t have enough access restrictions to prevent at least a few of them from taking photographs, and the average member of the general public now carries a camera at all times.

No limits on photography in the 3 pits of the terracotta warriors nowadays. They ask for “no flash” IIRC but don’t seem to care.

Or Barack Obama, or Queen Elizabeth II, or Muammar Qaddafi, or…