What is the scariest book you ever read? (Title already used almost 15 years ago)

“Hastur says! Hastur . . .”

Gramma also has bad spells where she cries out. “Gyaagin! Graagin! Hastur degryon Yog-soth-oth!”

Animal Farm. George Orwell. Possibly because we read it in class so young. Fantasy evil is scary but real world evil is scarier. (Arguably “real world” because it was showing how humans subjugate other humans with fear and indoctrination).

I’ve read both. Neither made much of an impression on me, so I guess I didn’t find them particularly scary, unlike It, The Stand, and The Shining.

Yes, that’s the one. Thank you.

One I just thought of. I was rereading World War Z and had to stop. It was disturbing because of too many aspects that have parallels to the present pandemic - like the false treatment “Phalanx” and the discussion of the people who cannot handle life or death situations (so they became Quislings…)

(I’m surprised that no one has stated a thread about this book vs. pandemic.)

Doo eeeet!

What is the scariest book you ever read? (Title already used almost 15 years ago) - #105 by Bonum_Legatum

Please explain. You have used a colloquialism I am not familiar with.

Do it. Except in an egging you on tone of voice.

Well then, with all due respect to these other books, I think this wins me the thread for having the only book that had another book written about it to reassure people that it can’t possibly be true!

Honestly, anything by Dean Koontz.

I liked Heart-Shaped Box and NOS4A2, both by Joe Hill. Evidently NOS4A2 has a television series but I haven’t seen it.

Nameless is a cosmic horror graphic novel by Grant Morrison that’s good, in my opinion.

For non-SK and mainstream recommendations, it’s definitely worth your time to check out /r/horrorlit on reddit. It’s a great source for discovering new horror of every flavor.

Communion was the one I came here to mention. I read tons of horror, mostly Stephen King and Graham Masterton, both of whom write some pretty horrific stuff. I love it.

Communion freaked me right the hell out, to the point where I remember it preying on my mind for days after I finally stopped reading (couldn’t finish it). Creepy as hell. No, thanks. I’ll take guts and gore over creepy aliens any day.