What is the single best episode of any TV series that you have ever seen?

“duet” on DS9

Hm, maybe Buffy - “The Body.”

Has to be the episode of “Coupling” where they try and chat up the woman that doesn’t speak English… by far the best written comedy ever.

Buffy - Once more with feeling/Hush

ER - Those where mark green leaves the show… tear jerking every time

24 - Series 1 - Whoever said the penultimate episode :eek: :eek: :eek:

My favorite Buffy episodes have been mentioned already so I’ll nominate The Bob Newhart Show Thanksgiving show, “Over The River and Through the Woods.”

“You know you’re at a bad party when Elliott Carlin is the happiest guy in the room.”

  1. the Simpsons- Apu and Manjula’s wedding. Just cracks me up.

  2. Buffy- in addition to the above, I like all of the episodes with the Mayor, and also the one where Jonathan becomes the ultra cool guy. The little subtle things, like the change in the credits, and the poster on Riley’s door…

  3. Mash- Abyssinia Henry, for the reasons stated above.

The “Christmas Card” episode of Seinfeld–it combined nipples and nose-picking. Brilliant!

The Brady Bunch Hawiian Vacation pretty much does it for me…Did I just date myself?

and then, there was this one time when Fonzie actually jumped the shark! Oh, MAN, that was good!

The last episode of Blake’s Seven.

The “Subway” episode of Homicide: Life on the Street. A man (played by Vincent D’Onofrio) is pushed in front of a subway train. The entire episode is him, suspended between life and death. It is a brilliant allegory as well, with D’Onofrio as an Everyman, Detective Pembleton as God, and the subway platform as Purgatory. One of the most affecting television episodes ever, with fantastic writing and acting.

ER - Love’s Labor Lost, where Greene struggles throughout the entire show to save a woman giving birth. Note to producers: THAT’S how you develop a character in series TV.

WKRP - It has to be the Thanksgiving episode

Glad to see Homicide getting the respect it deserves. The sniper episode was also incredibly gripping. Is this show in reruns anywhere? It used to be on Court TV at 1 in the morning, but that time slot seems to be gone. Just curious.

Farscape- A Dog With Two Bones

A truly classic science fiction show and a truly classic episode. It served as the finale to season three, and is simply brilliant.

Well, I really liked the MAS*H episode that was done in “real time”, with Hawkeye and BJ working within a 25 minute window to save a soldier’s life by waiting for another to die in order to graft his aorta. Very powerful.

MAS*H did a lot of things right in their 11 years. I also liked the episodes where the war reporter came, and the entire show was in B&W, with the characters speaking unscripted to the cameras in character. Brilliant.

I’d have to say BTVS “Hush”. It’s the only TV episode ever where I held my breath at the end hoping that they wouldn’t ruin it at the last moment. And then the last scene where Riley says “I guess we’ve got to talk”, Buffy replies “I guess we do.” and then they just sit there staring at each other. Perfect.

Simpson’s- Homer’s Mother episode. It was the first episode that I was able to truly believe that Homer was a real guy with real feelings rather than a animated comedy character. Glenn Close put in great work in the role of Homer’s Mother and though the put a small gag in the end, you could feel the emotion between the two of them as they left each other again.

I actually felt a lump in the throat as he sat on his car in the desert watching the stars while that slow flute solo blended it perfectly. A perfect, heartfelt ending from a cartoon. Who would have believed it.

Which one was that? I loved the show, but it’s been so long and I don’t know the names of the eps.

As for mine, I’ll second whoever mentioned “Love’s Labor Lost”. So tense, and they didn’t go for the pussied out “happy ending” either.

And don’t forget the absolutely hilarious overhead presentation by Giles. The shot of Buffy getting all offended because he made the cartoon of her a bit to wide in the hips was priceless. I laughed like a loon.

“Sleeping in Light” , from Babylon 5, was probably the best, but “Passing Through Gethsemane” from the third season, is actually my favorite.