What is the weirdest thing one of your teachers did?

It can also be more fun to be forced to wait and read along with the class. You get to take part properly in predicting what will happen to which character, based on what was in the text before that, not what came after. And although that’s something you naturally do as a reader, pausing and doing it deliberately can teach you a lot about writing.

Obviously it is difficult to do, if you really like a book. But it’s not an arbitrary rule designed to punish fast readers.

Though one time - while on a PGCE (postgraduate teaching course) - my tutor outright said I was lying when I predicted everything about a short film we were watching (he paused partway through), and I said I hadn’t seen it before. It was some obscure French short film and just not the sort of thing you happen on by chance, especially if you don’t speak French. I just watch a lot of movies and TV and it’s not hard to spot patterns and make predictions.

He was really annoyed with me. He also marked me down during a lesson observation for not gesticulating enough with both arms. One arm was broken and in a cast and sling at the time, having been broken by a student. When I pointed that out, he stuck to his guns. I actually gesticulate quite a lot, but not when one arm is strapped to my chest!

There’s another couple of weirdest things, I guess!

I had a calculus teacher in college that handed out the syllabus and told us no one finished the course with an A. He felt the tests weren’t challenging enough if anyone got a high score. He assigned more work and the next test would be harder.

That turned out to be a very difficult and challenging semester. My calculus class took so much study time that the grades in my other classes went down.

No one finished the course with an A. Several good students got D’s and several people failed. It was so bad that the Dean of Mathematics became involved and some grades were adjusted.

I assume the professor got in trouble. I heard it cost him a chance at tenure. That may have just been gossip.

This attitude is sometimes the norm in British universities, or so I have been told.

I was reminded of this discussion when I saw today’s FoxTrot comic strip.

wow i know fox trot went to weekends only but that seems like one from 30 years ago …

Catholic High School

Male Principle got caught with a male prostitute in the alley behind a dirty book store.

Female Nun/Teacher ran off with a Priest from the Parish.

Hippie English teacher like just rap with students, about how his car is a piece of crap. And he had insurance. And if someone stole his car he would probably be better off. Surprise, his car got stolen. And he adamant that he never said he wanted anyone to steal his car.

In college, bumped into a female classmate. Apparently the Vice Principle had relations with several girls. None of which were ever reported.

This was in 1957, at the height of the Cold War. Even the hint of being a Communist sympathizer was enough to get a teacher into trouble.

My 7th grade homeroom and English teacher gave us weekly spelling bees. The best student got a home-made “Sputnik” medal, and the worst got a home-made “Vanguard” medal. (Vanguard was the U.S. rocket which, at that time, crashed on take-off.)

Being the best speller in the class, I had a nice collection of Sputniks at home.

I have nothing to contribute. I just wanted to say that this is one of the most entertaining threads I’ve enjoyed in a while.
I’ve been teaching for almost ten years, and now my eccentricities seem so tame!

One of our Spanish teachers married a mail-order bride from the Phillipines.

A couple of years after I graduated, a teacher was arrested for having an affair with one of his students.

At the 20-year reunion, gossip claimed that one of the female PhysEd teachers had an affair with the football quarterback.

(biology pedant here)

Tapeworms and roundworms are in completely different phylums.

You are more closely related to a fish than a tapeworm is to a roundworm

I remember in college there were a few classes I was told “not to take as a freshman because you’re guaranteed not to pass the first time”.

I always wondered who’s fault that was, the professor or the students.

Not much from me, but…

My son’s community college biology teacher really believed in Bigfoot, including having a YouTube channel on the topic, and made his students watch videos about it. He also misgraded every test, and my son was constantly having to go get it corrected.

He also said the Apocalypse was coming in thirty years, but as I told my son, the Apocalypse is always coming in thirty years.

I didn’t believe in Bigfoot - until I saw comedian Nate Bargatze sum up the evidence so well. It’s worth a YouTube.