What is this Viglink?

This is nuts. I’m confused and I know others are too. There are multiple ways to block viglink which may or may not work. There are multiple ad blockers; ADBLOCK, ADBLOCK PLUS and others & all are not supported on all browsers. After seeing this thread, I added http://api.viglink.com to javascript exceptions in Chrome to block. This seemed to fix some (most) of the problems / issues. Now, later, I get confused and go back to my javascript exceptions and my block says “allow”. Now knowing me, I probably did that myself. So I change it to block and I see the same links still being fixed. Then I tried adding [*.]viglink.com as another javascript exception to block. I still don’t see any difference, but by now I’m not sure what can and cannot be fixed.

I also found that viglink does not respect the “code” tag.