What killed this goldfish? Help solve the mystery of his death.

Long story short, a few of us went to my friends house and he had a pet goldfish. I jokingly asked if I could pour my Sprite into the tank (it was only about 5 gallons). I poured about half a can total. The next morning the fish was dead. So how did the sprite kill it? Was it the caffeine in sort of an overdose or did the syrup in the sprite interfere with it’s gills or what? Thanks

                                               Mr. Beowill

You kill other people’s pets for fun? Gosh, that’s hilarious.

Any number of things in your Sprite killed that defenceless animal. I would guess either the caffiene or the sugar killed it, or a combination of the two. Small fish are very easily killed by any chemicals in their water - even cleaning their tank with soap can kill them.

Next time, try asking BEFORE you actually kill the animal.

It also might have been the small amount of salt in the soda. If it was a freshwater goldfish-there are salt water varieties-even a minuscule quantity would kill it.

There’s no caffeine in Sprite.

WAG: Carbonation hosing the gills?

The question is not why the sprite killed it, but which of many possible things killed it. It could have been the phosphoric acid causing a violent pH swing, the carbonation flooding the poor fish’s body with carbon dioxide, the sugar causing a bacterial bloom leading to toxin overdose. The bigger question is why someone would possibly think that dumping half a can of soda into a tiny aquarium was a good idea!

One method of euthanizing fish involves dropping either some baking soda or Alka Seltzer into the tank. The resultant blast of carbon dioxide suffocates the fish.



That’s just wrong, man.

Isn’t the pH of Sprite around 3-4? A half a can would definitely affect the pH of water in a goldfish bowl which lacks any buffers.

I stand by what I did. He died so men may learn…

So men may learn what? That you kill animals for fun?

Don’t be too hard on him. It was just a fish.

Today it’s a fish, tomorrow it’s a what? A hamster, then moving on to dogs, etc etc.

I hope you guys don’t get another fish.

I don’t think Sprite will kill a hamster or a dog - let me go check . . .

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Well, I found that hamsters don’t seem to exhibit any negative effects from being immersed in Sprite, and the dog I found just looked at me funny when I dumped a can of Sprite over its head - then the dog’s owner started yelling at me so I took off.