What Kind of Car did I Buy?

She got an FJ Cruiser? Those things are quirky in a cool way (THREE front windshield wipers) and very off-road capable. If she got a low mileage example she probably paid a mint for it as the FJ Cruiser just edges out the Jeep Wrangler for being the used vehicle that best holds it’s resale value, AND there’s not a ton of them out there as the production run was short and they never made a lot of units each year anyway.

Congrats though, cool car!

Oh, and many, MANY vehicles had backup cameras with the image displayed in the rearview mirror across all makes and models, predating the rise of the touch screen center console displayed ones that almost every car has now.

It’s called the “FJ” because the design is inspired by the old FJ40 Land Cruiser that Toyota put out between 1960 and 1984.

Too late to edit: Unless it came from Australia, the latest model available is 2014.

Whatever year.

Just by the way, you know the way-cool Toyota Land Cruiser pick-up? All angles and huge tires? You can’t get them in the US. They are still made in Australia and are sold in the Arabian Gulf region. But they do not meet US safety regs, so there is no way to get one to the States and paint it in the zebra stripes cries out for.

BMW X3 or X5.

They’re bringing back a FJ Cruiser-eque vehicle FT-4X. The FJ was a little different looking, but had its charms. I’m not sure about this new one. I’d have to see it in person before I jump to any conclusions…

US Land Cruiser is cool I guess, but obscenely expensive, are the AUS ones a little cheaper?

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Good stuff! She should have some fun with an FJ.

If she hasn’t done so already, she might consider a hullavator or hully rollers, and a small two-step step-ladder.

Do half a dozen small burns count? My dream Jeep burned a couple of weeks ago (probably the catalytic converter). :frowning:



Yes, but now I am on the wagon thanks to r/pornfree.

Aha, not so. There is the 25 year rule on imports. Want your Land Cruiser? These folks have them. Right hand drive but low miles.