What ONE PRODUCT comes to mind when you think 1950s?

I am a magistrate. Almost 50, born and raised in NE Ohio.

TV dinners were the first thing to pop into my head when I saw the thread title: http://blog.americanhistory.si.edu/.a/6a00e553a80e108834014e8c3a18a2970d-500wi

The 1957 T-bird.

Also coon-skin caps, transistor radios, Jello molds, stereo LPs and traditional roller skates.

68, N.E. Ohio.

Hula hoops. Then yo-yos.

I actually thought of cars with distinctive body designs like tail fins, but that’s not really a product as much as a changing style of an existing product.

Hula hoops were invented in 1958 so they barely got into the fifties. Yo yos were around in ancient Greece.

I would say “television”. The '50s is when they started appearing in ordinary homes, and the country began to see itself reflected in the light of the tube.


I know it dates back earlier than the 50’s, but that’s the first thing I thought of.

Toni home permanents.

They even came out with a line of Toni dolls that had synthetic hair you could “perm” with a sugar water solution.

edited to add: US, in my middle 60’s

Georgia (now Tennessee) Age:53

TV dinners

A 1950’s Style Death Ray.

Someday I’m going to go into detail on my theory that when people talk about a decade, it isn’t an exact ten year period. “The Sixties” usually includes hippies, Vietnam protests and civil rights milestones from '70-'72, but doesn’t include the more uptight early sixties: music like the Everly Brothers and “Teen Angel”, or Eisenhower-era politics, with Nixon as VP and JFK a mere senator.

Oh, yeah … hula hoops.

The three Ps of cool:
Pat Boone
Penny loafers
Poodle skirts

And lipstick on someone’s collar being proof of infidelity. Collar?

Western movies.
Home perms

missred, 51, Tennessee ( formerly Indiana)

Oh yeah - Buddy Holly playing a Strat.

Born 1963.

I agree

Hula Hoop, Davy Crockett hat, pogo sticks. I had all three. 66.

TV sets. Specifically, B&W sets.

I had a History prof who insisted the 1950s ended with the Kennedy assassination in 1963 and the 1960s with Nixon’s resignation in 1974.


TV Dinners

69 here.

Ovaltine(Captain Midnight).

Great big honkin monstrosities of cars, made of steel and good old American sweat.

I wasn’t born until the 70’s so my reference point is mainly stuff like Happy Days and Back to the Future.