What parts of the human body do not feel pain

your hair ! Think what it would be like getting a hair cut if our hair felt pain !

As mentioned in the OP. :rolleyes:

If you think about it, it makes sense that the brain itself cannot feel pain. Considering that all nerves lead to and are essentially ‘felt’ within the brain as an organ, how could ***it *have pain receptors? That’s have to loop back infinitely!

According to more than one gynecologist I’ve had, there are no nerve endings on the cervix. To which I say a hearty bull shit.:dubious:

Hey, it worked for Spock.

I’ve been told that cartilage doesn’t feel pain. But when the cartilage in your knees wears away, the area around it become inflamed and you feel pain in the nearby muscles and possibly other tissues as the area swells.

I can testify that my gallstones didn’t cause pain where they were poking my gallbladder. It caused referred pain, mostly in my back. When the doctor said "does it hurt when I press . . . ", I found out that it was also referring to other places. He never did finish that sentence. I think the fact that I tried to crawl up his arm to the ceiling answered the question.

I second that. Those guys (and I’m sure they’re guys) have obviously never had a pap test OR a cervical biopsy. Or a uterine biopsy that required dilating the cervix.

How would you know enough to say “bullshit”? The viscera surrounding the cervix have pain receptors. If the cervix itself has no pain receptors, you wouldn’t know the difference.

Certainly not my heavily bandaged thumb, my right thumb, which foolishly thought it could outrun a razor blade.

I know the brain doesn’t feel pain, but why is severe headaches a sign of a brain aneurysm, and headaches also a symptom of a brain tumor? What’s the tumor or aneurysm putting pressure on if not the brain itself? The dura?

This is indeed true. The most painful part of the whole procedure is lying on your side for 6 hours after the biopsy and getting your blood pressure checked every half hour to ensure you have not been bleeding from a hepatic blood vessel.