What Person Has Starred In The Most Movies

I would imagine it to be someone in India. Like Amitabh Bachchan (183) or Rajkumar (217).

As I said above, I think it might be a Hong Kong actor or Bollywood actor. However, I don’t think Bachchan beats John Wayne since many of his roles are described as narrator, guest star or something generic like professor or husband. That’s also why my choice of Takashi Shimura doesn’t meet the OP’s criteria. Rajkumar might meet the OP, but information on the IMDB is too sketchy on his roles.

Laurel & Hardy made about two dozen feature-length movies together, as well as several dozen shorts that ran 18 to 30 minutes.

Assuming that the correct answer is “John Wayne”, I’m wondering how wealthy was John Wayne? What was the value of his estate when he passed away? I know that many (most) of the movies he made were back when actors salaries were more reasonable, but by sheer volume and the uniqueness of his “brand” he must have made a fortune.

I don’t know how much he was worth, but he bought the island of Taborcillo in the 1960s.

Most of John Wayne’s movies were made when he was an actor in B- and C-budget westerns in the 1930s, for which he received a small salary and no residuals. When he switched to being a genuine Hollywood star in the 1940s, he didn’t make any more movies per year than his fellow stars like Spencer Tracy, Henry Fonda, James Stewart or Cary Grant.