What process makes cheddar cheese "sharp" vs "mild"?

A word of advice: Never leave Wisconsin. You wouldn’t believe what they consider “sharp” out here in California. (I’ve yet to find a store that even HAS a 4 year old cheddar selection.)


We have a new grocery open out here called Woodman’s that hails from Wisconsin. While browsing the 1/4 long mile cheese section, I came across a cellophane wrapped chunk of what was labeled “Super super super sharp cheddar”. However, I have a strict 2 adjective limit on my dairy foods so I had to pass it up.

Two words:



You will find your cheddar fix there.

Bah. Been there, done that. No comparison.

Two words:



You will find your cheddar fix there.


Well, then you have been to a California store that has a 4 year old cheddar selection, despite your claim to be unable to find one. You’re just being a cheddar prude[sup]TM[/sup].

(Not that there’s anything wrong with that… me, I’m a provolone prude[sup]TM[/sup])

If you are on the San Francisco peninsula, try either the *Milk Pail * in Mountain View or *Cheese Please * in San Mateo. There’s good cheese in California, its just not at any of the megamarkets.

There was a thread a while back about products that had to change their names due to political correction (“Ayds” diet candy, for example). Cracker Barrel is the name of an American cheddar cheese that I have eaten all my life. It comes in these little square rectangular bars that slice exactly to fit your basic square soda cracker (saltine). They come in four aged varieties, color-coded for your convenience. Yellow packages are mild, orange packages are sharp and the red packages are extra-sharp. I know American sharp cheddar isn’t all that sharp. I’ve always liked my cheese extra-extra sharp. So I would always have my Mom buy me the Cracker Barrel Black package of cheese. Back then they called it COON cheese. :eek: It had a bite, alright. Nowadays, they call it New York Reserved. What the hell does New York have to do with good cheese?
Man, the top of my head is sweating from just thinking about some good, sharp cheese.

Upstate New York makes some decent cheese. I won’t turn my nose up at it.

But it ain’t 9 year old Wisconsin cheddar!