What sporting event/achievement do you remember EXACTLY where you were when you saw/heard about it happening?

The first sporting event post 9/11.

Mets vs. Braves, September 21, 2001. Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the FDNY, NYPD, etc. was there.

Mike Piazza’s home run was electric.

I was watching it at home.

I was most impressed this last weekend by a sailing ‘achievement’ on NBC. A sailor named Elvis Francois drifted for 24 days across the Caribbean this month because his sails got screwed up and he couldn’t catch a breeze, was alone and had no communication of any kind. The only things he had were a bottle of ketchup, some garlic powder and a tarp to catch water. He got picked up by the Columbian navy and was smiling with a daze.
It wasn’t a sporting event but still inspiring to me.

Roger Maris’s 61st home run.

I was in Yankee Stadium when it happened.

Very cool. Did the place go wild?