What the heck is this email about?

I received an email with the subject line:
“Need a check for 1500 Tracey”
(Tracey being my name).

The email is from
“PaydayAdvance” <PaydayAdvance@bumpyroadtosuccess.net>"

The body says:

What the heck is this? What do I do with it - just delete it?

Cue Monty Python - it’s spam. Spam spam spam.

Delete it.

Oh, yeah, I get plenty of those. I funnel them all into a (now) junk email account. The trick to avoid a lot of them is to never, ever let anyone you give your addy to know that an increase in income would make you happy. As far as they’re concerned, you are perfectly satisfied risking homelessness and feeding yourself strangers’ leftovers from the public trash can on the corner.*

*Not to say that you are in that position or anything. Or that anyone in that position is not as worthy of a person as myself. Just don’t read anything into that statement, m’kay? Take it jokingly, as it was intended. Not that being homeless is a joke. Or-

Don’t tackle me! I’m going. :slight_smile:

I should have been more specific - I know it’s spam, but what particular brand is this? Why would the subject line say they need a check for $1500? This just doesn’t make sense to me.

They forgot the question mark- they want to know if YOU want a check for $1,500 from a payday advance place.

Don’t mess around man. Is sounds like they mean business. Send them the cheque and be done with it. Oh, and check the bed for a disembodied horse head.

If you respond to this I know some Nigerian royalty who need desparately to get their funds out of the country. They will, of course, be more than happy to cut you in.

So I take it from the responses that no one else knows what the heck this piece of dreck is either. Delete it I will.

I’ve gotten it, with the question mark. They’re coming right out and saying it’s Spam; they’re sending you a solicitation for a payday loan. If you want a payday loan, use the link. If you would prefer a better rate than 175% APR, delete it. That is the catch. There is nothing else to it.

Yeah, those things are worse than getting a cash advance with your credit card.

I think you should reply ASAP. Who couldn’t use a check for 1500?

Now on to more pressing questions: I’ve been getting email from Sexy Alexis, and she wants to know if I like slutty teen virgins. I’m so intrigued by the paradoxical statement that I’m thinking of visiting her site. Should I do it?

What you do is find someone who lives near 20929 Ventura Blvd. #47-397, Woodlands Hills, CA 91364 who has a spare brick or two to put through their window. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, wait at least until the slutty 18-year-old virgins come along so you don’t have do worry about the child-porn indictments.

I don’t live too far from there. I’ll do it for $1500!

Well, I answered you. What more do you want?

That’s exactly the case. They are soliciting you to take out a “payday loan” from them.

Won’t do any good, it’s just a mailbox.

Fish of the month club? A different fish delivered right to your mailbox every month!

I want a pony, and a kitty, and a dolly that makes poopie…

Sorry, I must’ve misunderstood your original response as a joke response. The whole thing is just so incredibly stupid.