What the hell is with USB cables?

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Happens to me all the time–I’ll open several threads in new tabs, hit the front page of another sub-forum and open several more (wash, rinse, repeat). Then I go hunting for a USB cable to plug something in, which we all know takes at least an hour (with a stop for a sandwich too), and I’ll slowly read through the tabs between plodding away at other things.

another Belkin product. sheesh.

Not much use if the trident logo is not present, or is only in relief and it’s a dark space, or the slot is vertical.

Sorry, the product I actually have is this… GoldX

And this

won’t even bother going into just how hard it is to flip a plug cuz

It’s got nothing to do with looking away from the dope, and everything to do with realising that the thread’s not going to wait for [the generic] you to get your thumb out of your ass, so if a substantial amount of time has passed between hitting “reply” and hitting “submit”, the preview button can be a useful tool to employ.

What I don’t understand is, even the genuine USB standard cables are confusing. Why did they switch from “mini” to “micro”? The micro-USB connector doesn’t actually seem to be smaller than the mini-USB connector, it’s just harder to plug in!

buncha whiney babies

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Why on earth would you expect the EU to have any interest in, or power over, what connector Apple use outside their borders? Get your government to follow suit - it’ll be easier because they’ll already be making the universal ones.

Frankly I don’t give two fucks whether apple use proprietary plugs or not, given their products all come with chargers, so whatevs.

I was responding to silenus who thought it somehow prudent to mention that the EU was trying to force Apple to play nice, and pointing out the fact that that means precisely jack shit to the rest of the world.

A million? The only ones I see commonly are USB-A, USB-B, Mini, and Micro. Most things use A and most portable devices use a mini/micro to A. Pretty simple stuff.

All connectors handle the same data; I’m not sure about the power. Mostly it’s smaller size for smaller devices.

Note that there are 6 different, incompatible shapes. It does seem like an odd design decision to have so many.

Just a note: that handy hydra gadget is only a charging adapter, not for data transfer.

I’d like to put in a plug for monoprice, my source of cables and adapters. Their prices are really good and the quality, excellent. It’s hard to beat rugged adapters priced in cents, not dollars. My only complaints are shipping is slow to the US East coast since they are West coast based, and their product search function is piss-poor like many sites; you have to know the jargon to know what to search for.

Yep, and the damned USB cables are all molded out of one color of freaking plastic. How do you figure out which way is which crawling under a desk in the half dark?

I got metallic gold paint that I dab on the trident side of all my USB plugs so I can see at a glance which is the trident side. Also dab it on all the microphone miniplugs on all my headsets so I know which damned miniplug goes where so I can hear shit and talk on my headsets, because industry cant be arsed to use a single plug any longer [the last 3 freaking USB headsets I bought were fucked right out of the packaging. I gave up and went back to the damned miniplug ones.]

Why do they have to keep updating technology that works to shit that is halfassed?

I think the OP is talking about the 10+ different shapes of micro connectors. Kudos to HTC and Motorola for keeping it simple.

No kidding. Back in my day we had a variety of different interfaces.

A generation before that, the engineers had to do their own pinouts, as there were NO standard interfaces.

Now get off my cyberlawn.

Specs say “data transfer.”

Just sayin’.

So much for the U in USB meaning ‘Universal’.

My hydra connector does data transfer. At least I think it does. I plug in my iPod or my harmony remote, and I transfer data back and forth.

I could be imagining things. Maybe my iPod’s empty and I’m just listening to the music in my head. BUT HOW DOES THE REMOTE WORK THEN, SYBIL?


It’s universal on the computer’s end. The computer doesn’t give a hairy fuck what’s on the other end.