What to do in Phoenix?

I’ve lived in phoenix for the last 17 years. Stay right on scottsdale road, there are a lot of great bars and clubs right on the road or just off. A few sugestions are, Billet bar for the biker type, sugar daddies for every type, axis radius for the night club type, and cat eye for the lounge type. Scotsdale is full of great places to eat, for great authentic mexican food find a filibertos or any place ending in bertos… Hope this helps

I’m staying at a rented house on a golf course. The water park with a bar sounds fun. If it was 18 and older only and had alcohol it would be even better! Sounds like a liability problem though.

Thanks for the ideas. Flickas, Filberto’s, Heard Museum, Martini Ranch and Billet Bar all sound interesting. I’ll pack some hipster clothing for the nicer bars. And yeah, the house has airconditioning and a pool. When I lived there it was only below 100ºF once.