What to do with WWII/Dachau photos?

I don’t know why, but it hadn’t occurred to me that we could donate to more than one place. I see Quartz’s point that a major archive wouldn’t necessarily display any of them, so a smaller place might benefit more. Giving them to more than one place – or dividing the cache, even – might have more impact.

I need to ask Gene if the film is with the photos or not, too. Thanks for the ideas, everyone.

I wouldn’t think that splitting up the collection is a good idea; there’s a lot of value in a coherent collection of items that is lost when you split them up and treat them as bits and pieces.

Agreed, especially to a historian.

the granddaddy of all Holocaust memorials is in Israel.

But since your material is specifically linked to the US Army, the holocaust museum in Washington may be a better place for it.

Whatever you do, please don’t keep the information private.

(It may be a good idea to professionally scan/copy the photos, and give the copies to the local or state historical society. But it sounds like you have serious material that should be seen by professional historians/curators whose expertise is the Holocaust, not Minnesota)

And think about also giving copies to local high schools.