What to get for a Court TV fanatic?

My wife used to be a cop and loves Court TV. She watches all the crime shows, loves the forensic programs. She sees where the criminals screw up and tries to figure out what the detectives would look for. She also watches 48 Hours and other true crime shows (not CSI or Law & Order because they are all dramatizations or unrealistic). If I ever disappear, she’s finally figured out how to get away with the perfect crime. :wink:

The Weird Earl gave me an idea that maybe I could get my wife some kind of goofy crime or detective related item for Christmas (nothing says Happy Holidays like a bottle of Luminol). So any other suggestions on things I could get for my Miss Marple? I’m not looking for DVDs or books. More along the lines of quirky items like the crime scene tape or other murder related objects. (Yes, our family is weird. Why do you ask?)

How about this?

If she doesn’t still have a pair, a pair of handcuffs, or, alternatively, fur-lined handcuffs – depending on whether you’re after verisimilitude or some good, kinky fun. Ancillary restraints (manacles, gag…) optional.

Just don’t lose that key.

Frame her for a crime. That way she’ll be able to experience it all firsthand. It’ll be very exciting, and it’s even kind of an interesting plot.