What TV series would you like to see redone?

I would like to see Wonderwoman redone. Wonderwoman! (insert cheesy 70’s action music)

Does anyone know where I can get the series on video?

Wonderwoman was awesome. She had the cheesy costume with all the bright colours. It made her the envy of drag queens everywhere. She could deflect bullets from baddies with her bracelets. KA-CHING KA-CHING! Her Lariot ™ could force enemies to tell the truth and if I remember correctly produces a mad scientist type of buzzing sound. WWWWWRRRWRWRWRWR! I loved her invisible plane. SHHOOOOM! And best of all she could spin around at 30000 miles per hour throwing off all her old clothes and changing back into her costume. DINGADINGADINGADINGADING! What self respecting homosexual wouldn’t want that ability. Her fashion sense was the best. I would dress up as wonderwoman if I was able and willing to do drag. Well, if I lost weight and was about a foot taller. Wonderwoman always looked so tall. Did I mention that she fought in high heels? She was awesome.


Columbia House video has the entire Wonder Woman series (Lynda Carter)available through their Re-TV video series. They various series like Gunsmoke, Bonanza, All In The Family, etc. I’m currently getting the original Star Trek series and the Dr. Who series.


What TV series would you like to see redone?

What about mine?

Battlestar : Galactica

Battlestar Galactica all the way.

“Take a little good advice, try a trip to paradise. It’s not had to find, you’ve got it on your mind, you can’t pretend it wouldn’t be nice… It’s whatever turns you on…”

Goodies… goody goody yum yum…

I know that they’re showing on UKTV on cable, but I don’t have that :frowning:

A few more seasons of Bottom or The Young Ones wouldn’t go astray, and I’m forever waiting the mythical return of Doctor Who.

A new Quantum Leap would be good.

A new series of Dr Who would be awesome (as long as it was done properly).

Battlestar Galactica would also be cool.

And I miss Family Ties…

As for the Goodies… yeah baby!! String, string string, string everybody loves string, string on your clothes string on your vest everyone knows that string is best…

Quantum Leap … yeah baby

and the A TEAM!!

yah! gimme more of the A-Team … and Knight Rider and and and hrm …

SqrlCub, I enjoyed that ‘Wonder Woman’, but obviously for a different reason. Did you know that Angela Bowie, David’s then-wife, was up for that role? She might have made a pilot or MFTVM–I saw a picture of her in the costume in Newsweek (pretty, slender blonde; totally miscast), say, 1974. THAT would have made the show even campier!

So many remakes suck so badly. Like Mark Twain said when his wife swore, “You know the words but you don’t know the tune.” The go purely for the superficial while ignoring the subtleties that made the original work. Was it an ensemble cast that clicked, like ‘MASH’ or ‘Seinfeld’? Was it a central creative vision that held it to its roots, like ‘Star Trek’ or ‘Andy Griffith’? Did the show capture a moment, or was it captured in one, like ‘Mary Tyler Moore’ or ‘All in the Family’?

That said, ‘Have Gun, Will Travel.’ It was close to the perfect show, so good that it was on radio and TV at the same time, survived some odd casting on TV (Richard Boone as a sophisticated man-about-town? But he was a good enough actor to pull it off beautifully), and had depth that took it out of the Western backwater and made it good enough to enjoy today. A good remake could be wonderful.

I’m intrigued by the new ‘Fugitive’ this fall. I don’t know about that guy from ‘Wings’ (sheesh) but the concept with a different cast and story line each week, almost a different program but with a common lead, could still work.

The A Team?? 2000??

cue voice over

If you can find them… and if you have wheelchair access… maybe you can hire… The A Team!

My vote is definately Electra Woman and Dyna Girl
The cheesier saturday morning rip-off of wonder woman.

I loved

Just the Ten of Us
Punky Brewster - I used to LOVE this show
I know they are cheesy…

The show ‘My Two Dads’ would have a totally different meaning today, huh?

Steven Speilburg brought thr rights to Dr Who a few years ago and made a one off TV special, although he originally planned to make a movie.

I’m currently enjoying Dr Who from episode one thanks to our local TV station, but I understand there are some episodes which were distroyed by the BBC and are now lost forever.

Sadly true, though occasionally an episode turns up in the strangest plces. Last year a New Zealand man found two episodes thought lost or destroyed in his grandfather’s garage.

And I was SO looking forward to Spielberg making the movie and SO disappointed with the TV special…

Dr. Who

The Prisoner

(Both would have to be done right)

Exo Squad
Miami Vice
Bionic Woman

*Blake’s 7. * I did hear a rumour that there would be a new series. More Avon. More high tech ships made out of badly painted plywood. Woo and furthermore Hoo.


Yes, I’m serious. Don Herbert tought me more on Saturday mornings about how things really work than all my years of what was then a pretty good public school system. Remember when he submerged the spark generator in a beaker of gasoline and turned it on? To my amazement he wasn’t instantly turned into a cinder. And there were no lame-ass warnings to “not try this at home” either.

“Industry On Parade” was pretty good too.

Anybody seen my walker and support hose?

The Simpsons